3 reasons you won’t want to leave Bitmama crypto community when you join

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” this is a quote from Helen Keller which says a lot about the merits of belonging to a crypto community.

At Bitmama, we always have our users (and community members) at heart, as much as we have been working tirelessly on new updates for Bitmama, we strive to build a commYOUnity of crypto enthusiasts, traders, experts, and newbies. To do that, we ensured we made some awesome improvements to the community channel server. We added several new channels and bots for automation. 

Presently, we have over 1,000 community members from across Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. So, if you are interested in joining a crypto community of enthusiasts with varying cultures and experiences, the Bitmama Discord Community is for you.

In our crypto community, there are several channels, some of which are dedicated to our Ghanaian and Kenyan folks, so if you are a Bitmama user and you are yet to join, well now is the best time to do so. Upon joining, you are directed to a server guide where you can read about Bitmama and all the available channels.

Some of the interesting events that happen in our community are:

Community Calls

Every month, we make it a tradition to have conversations about Bitmama with community members. These conversations range from product updates, inquiries and complaints, game sessions, announcements, and many more. During these calls, we play our weekly games and bond while having fun. 

We also announce winners of ongoing challenges if any. It’s also an avenue for Bitmama’s team and community members to relax, and discuss plans for the community, necessary improvements, and T.G.I.F. plans among others. You can also read about how to become one of Bitmama’s campus ambassador which is a must read.

Contests and Challenges

We regularly host challenges for our community members to win cool prizes for carrying out simple and fun tasks. Community members are eligible to win Bitmama’s brand merch if they followed certain rules. Some of these include: Referring people to join the community, participating in either the meme contest, or joining the Community Highlight series.


Cash prizes for winners in past challenges: Gold Winner ($75), Bronze Winner ($50), and Silver Winner ($30).

Other prizes are boxes full of Bitmama’s brand merch such as T-shirts, Beanie, Bottle, Stickers, Visor Caps, Flash Drives/Wireless Mouse, and Notepads. Read about Bitmama’s academy tp drive crypto adoption.

Battles of the Memes

When we say we have the most fun, we mean it! Our meme battles are always hilarious and guaranteed to make you laugh hysterically.

We have over 100 crypto-related memes displaying different interesting crypto perspectives. It is interesting to see what everyone could come up with and the creative process of crypto enthusiasts. Also, about 70 of these memes are purely Bitmama memes. Some showing why you should download the Bitmama app, the verification process on Bitmama, your experience as a Bitstar, the Virtual Crypto Card and so much more. 

Check out some of the memes below.

Care to see more, join our community here. If you haven’t downloaded our app, you can easily do so on iOS or Android


Confidence Chukwuemeka

Sep 6, 2022

3 mins read

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