Bitmama x Changera Internship Program: A Journey of Growth and Discovery

At Bitmama x Changera we believe in the unique power of nurturing young talent and investing in their professional development. That is why we launched our internship program- to foster a culture of learning and growth. This initiative is curated to provide each intern with unrivaled hands-on experience, exposure to real-world challenges, mentorship, networking opportunities, and a potential pathway to a remarkable career. 

Here is a glimpse into how we achieved this and set new milestones while at it!

The Foundation

The decision to develop future professionals at Bitmama x Changera was not made on a whim.  It began as an idea in the minds of our visionary leaders, every step on this journey was based on experience, research, and a firm foundation of quality.  

Our internship program lasted  for eight months, comprehensively covering each of the following focus areas:

  • Onboarding
  • Orientation
  • Training and development
  • Project assignment
  • Performance evaluation

To achieve this, each intern was paired with a dedicated “buddy” to support and guide them throughout their journey. Think of it as traveling with an experienced tour guide. 

Recruitment Process; Where it all began…

Every exciting story has a beginning, and our Internship Journey is no different. The process started two months before the official launch date. To achieve the company’s ultimate aim of making leaders from interns, the People Development Team collaborated with every departmental head in the organization to clearly define internship positions and requirements. 

We opened the application in November 2022 and got over 2500+ applications, which brought in a large pool of applicants. We selected some of the applicants to go through our first assessment, and qualified candidates were moved to the interview stages, and ended up hiring 13 interns across the departments within the company.

Onboarding; Our Warm Welcome

On the 20th of February 2023, Bitmama x Changera welcomed its first set of interns. Each intern was introduced to their manager, team lead, and team members. The onboarding process spanned a week, with a schedule for the interns to meet all the departments in the company, and learn about the company culture, product offerings, and responsibilities.

The Experience

The interns had a unique experience that was a blend of learning, growth, and discovery. 

Here is how we achieved this: 

Buddy System;

Think of a unique ingredient that makes a plan come alive; that is what the “Buddy System” was for the internship program. Each intern worked hand-in-hand with an experienced team member who provided professional guidance, feedback, regular one-on-one meetings, and team discussions to create a supportive environment for growth and skill development. 

Voices of Our Interns; The Impact

 The onboarding process was awesome- I felt like a part of the community from the first day!

Oluwafunmbi, Finance Intern

– Anita from Marketing described her experience as “very creative, innovative, and educative”.

From the first moment, I knew I would get value from this internship. What helped was knowing the details about how the business works by learning each department’s relevance, roles & deliverables. Also, our onboarding hosts the People Development Team were superb.

It did not end there…

I would like to commend the People Development Team. They were amazing. I’d especially talk about Ayobami, as she was mainly the one conducting the sessions. She was really calm and connected well with everyone. She also understood the fact that people can’t know everything, so she was willing to teach and explain things we didn’t know. The sessions were informative. I got to know about the other departments in Bitmama and Changera. At first, I didn’t know the essence of getting to meet these departments until I got to meet them. It was very important, and I’m glad I got to be part of the sessions. Also, hearing from the CEO was amazing, too. The fact that she wanted to meet with ‘interns’ blew me away. The onboarding process in general was perfect.

Olatubonsun, from Design

Skills Development: Growing Everyday

Throughout the internship, we placed a strong emphasis on skill development. The interns had opportunities to enhance their role-specific skills, problem-solving capabilities, and soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability. 

Each intern was assigned tasks aligned with the company’s ongoing initiatives, designed to challenge them and apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations. For the first 10 weeks, interns submitted weekly reports of their ongoing and completed tasks, ensuring accountability and productivity.

Internship Picnic Hangout: A Day to Remember

One of the highlights of t

he internship program was the delightful picnic hangout at JJT Park. It was a refreshing break from regular work tasks and deadlines for each intern. Furthermore, the relaxing environment helped foster friendships and what we hope would be life-long bonds. 

Our interns participated in games, ice-breaker sessions, mock elevator pitches, and talent discovery activities at the event. This way, each intern could build a network, learn more, and feel included in the big, beautiful picture of Bitmama x Changera. 

These words from a few of our interns served as a testament to the success of the program and also delivered a glimpse into the impact that can be gotten with an idea to nurture and a desire to execute. 

Final Thoughts

The journey ended on October 31, 2023, marking a successful end to our first internship cohort. 

At the end of the internship cohort,  three interns received external offers from companies like M-Kopa, and two of the interns were offered full-time positions at Bitmama x Changera. This success has reinforced the value of investing in emerging talent. 

We are proud of the success of our first internship cohort and recognize the value of investing in emerging talent. Additionally, we’re grateful to the buddies and team members who supported our interns throughout their journey and look forward to refining future internship programs. 

The insights gained from this program will help refine future internship offerings, solidifying our commitment to nurturing the next generation of professionals.

Want to learn more about Bitmama and its internship program? Download the Bitmama app today!


Adeola Adebo

May 17, 2024

5 mins read

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