Bitmama at LASU: Everything that occurred during All-Stars Concert, LASU Edition

Thursday, 31st of March 2022, was an exciting day at Bitmama. The team visited the famous Lagos State University to host the maiden edition of LASU All-Star Concert, in collaboration with Party Monkz, an entertainment outfit known to  drive value across the students’ communities, which is reflected in the organisation’s previous works with reputable brands like Airtel Nigeria. 

Scheduled to start at 12pm on the said date, preparations were in top gear for what will be a fun-time for 3,000+ students and other attendees. 

We figured, where best to start this other than tertiary institutions, which is already a breeding ground for learning, and Nigeria which has been credited for churning out the largest young population in Africa.  Long story short, we were so eager to arrive at Lagos State University that 12pm couldn’t come fast enough. 

The rendezvous

Bitmama Inc. has a distributed team of over 50 members across West Africa, East Africa and Europe. Hence, it wasn’t feasible that everyone would be physically present at LASU, given the fact that the company also had to be represented by team members at the Celo Connect, happening simultaneously in Barcelona. 

As such, members in Lagos and other neighbouring areas such as Ogun State and Ibadan chose a central point of convergence – the renowned Maryland Mall, Maryland Lagos – before heading to Ojo, Lagos State, the seat bed of LASU. 

At Bitmama, we believe it’s not fair to waste good opportunities to have fun and express the brand. Trust us, we gave Maryland Mall a bit of the Bitmama vibes before heading to LASU. Pictures are worth a thousand words. See for yourself: 

Bitmama All-Stars Concert LASU
Bitmama team members at All-Stars Concert LASU
Bitmama  team going to Lagos state university

The journey  to LASU was rather smooth. Somehow we were lucky and didn’t encounter much of the infamous Lagos traffic. We got to the school premises within 1:20mins, give or take. 

Welcome to LASU 

At the inception of this novel initiative, one of the most frequent questions we got from the community was “Why LASU?” Our spontaneous response was “Why not LASU?”

The Lagos State University may not be as credited as the University of Lagos (UniLag), however, some of the most talented creatives and artistes in Nigeria have emerged from the institution. The likes of Sound Sultan(RIP) to CDQ, Bella Shmurda, Rugged Man and Poco Lee emerged from LASU. There are also speculations among the students  that Wizkid may have had a stint at the school for a few years (However, we’re unable to confirm this). 

And to crown it all, LASU is one of the very few schools that are conscious about education in Nigeria. Hence, it didn’t embark on the student-dreaded ASUU strike which most schools were currently on at the time of the event. Therefore, we ask again, Why not LASU?  

Our whip arrived at the Buba Marwa Auditorium (special shoutout to for making it an interesting ride). With students already trooping in and the stage getting set, the excitement around was easily contagious. Soon, we all got to work.  More pictures for your beautiful sight: 

Taking the Stage

This event was endorsed by the Lagos State University and the day was declared a lecture free day. We had 3,000 students in attendance. Bitmama had a stand at the event which was more like an Experience Centre where students came in and asked their questions about cryptocurrencies and got answers. 

The Bitmama buzz 

The Bitmama App was the entry pass into the event, which meant students were required to download and sign up on the app. Our team members were on standby to resolve any issue with downloading and activating the Bitmama App. 

Students downloading Bitmama Bitmama App at All Star Concerts at LASU
Students downloading Bitmama Bitmama App at All Star Concerts at LASU

One thing that really stood out for us was the excitement of the students. Imagine going to a concert where you will not only have fun but also stand a chance to win lots of gifts and even cryptocurrencies! 

For example, a student downloaded our app, signed up, won 2 Celos, put it up on P2P and cashed out about 5,000 naira. We also had other winners who went away with Bitmama Merch in goody bags.

Bitmama team member at LASU all star concerts
Students at LASU all star concert
Students at Lasu all star concerts
Students at LASU all star concert
students at  LASU all star concert

Let’s learn about crypto 

Time went by swiftly and we kicked off the day’s activities with the opening speech given by Bitmama’s Head of Marketing and Public Relations, Grace Akinosun. We also had a Bitmama Challenge to test the students’ knowledge of cryptocurrency and the Bitmama app. It was quite interesting. 

Head of marketing at Bitmama answering crypto questions at Lasu all star concert
Bitmama team member at LASU all star concert
Bitmama team members at Lasu all star concert
Students at LASU all star concert

Here comes the talents

We had so much fun because our talents came prepared and kept us entertained!  During the dancing and singing competition,  contestants had to battle to win the prize. Meet some of them:

LASU All Stars Concert
LASU All Stars Concert
Dancer at LASU all star concert
Dancer at LASU all star concert
Artist at LASU all star concert

Announcing the winners

In every battle there must be a winner, isn’t that what they say? It was no different for our talents who performed.

It was a tough decision to make but after the rounds of dancing and singing, the best dancer went home with ₦30,000 and the best artiste won ₦50,000. Here are our winners courtesy of Bitmama:

Winner at LASU all star  concert

And that’s a wrap 

At the end of the event, everyone had so much fun whilst also increasing their knowledge of crypto. This was in line with what Grace Akinosun, Head of Marketing & Public Relations, Bitmama Inc. said before the event, “Bitmama is sponsoring the LASU All-Stars Concert in collaboration with Pmonkz because we believe strongly in the young communities and their limitless potential to be the next generation crypto users. As such, we would do what we can to empower them”.

LASU All Stars Concert

Bitmama team at LASU all star concert

Going back home in the team bus was another adventure on its own as the energy in the bus was palpable. We had a great event and everyone’s spirit was high. There was a lot of teasing, eating and laughing and of course more work to be done. At Bitmama, we work hard and play harder, we even went the whole 9 yards for our team photo and video session, some of which we have shared with you

What Next?

Do you know your school may be next? Yes! Bitmama may just be coming to your university. You can join and know more about our community and let us know if you’ll love to have us. 

Also, we’re recruiting campus ambassadors, join our community to  fill a form and let us know why you’d want to  join us.  

As always, don’t stop using Bitmama. We represent #CrytoBeyondTrading. Download  the app on iOS and Android


Confidence Chukwuemeka

Apr 6, 2022

5 mins read

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