Product update! Introducing the Bitmama crypto price alert and buy/sell automation feature

Big news, crypto enthusiasts! We are excited to announce the launch of the Bitmama crypto price alert and order automation feature. This game-changing improvement from the Bitmama Inc. powerhouse, will redefine the way you manage your crypto investments in so many ways. It’s a game-changer, and here’s why you’re going to love it:

Bitmama crypto price alert and buy/sell automation feature
Bitmama crypto price alert and buy/sell automation feature

Seamless alert and order automation

Ever wished you could make the most of market opportunities even when you’re not glued to your screen? With our latest update, you can now set price alerts and accompanying buy/sell orders, all in one go. Imagine setting an alert for your favorite crypto, like BTC at $40k, and at the same time, placing a sell order at that very price. It’s like having your own automated trading assistant working tirelessly for you!

Stay ahead of the curve

Cryptocurrency markets move fast, and timing is everything. With our new feature, you’ll be ahead of the curve, ready to pounce on favorable price movements. No more frantic monitoring or missed opportunities – just set your preferences, and let Bitmama handle the rest.

A leap forward in trading

Traditionally, price alerts have been an essential tool for traders to stay informed about significant market movements. However, we are taking this concept to the next level. Not only will users be able to set price alerts for their preferred cryptocurrencies, but they’ll also be able to link these alerts to automated buy and sell orders. This seamless integration between alerts and orders brings unparalleled efficiency to the trading process.

Bitmama crypto alert and buy/sell – The power of automation

Bitmama crypto alert and buy/sell
Bitmama crypto alert and buy/sell

With this new feature, traders can create predefined actions that will automatically execute as soon as the target price is met. This level of automation streamlines trading operations, ensuring that users don’t miss out on trading opportunities even when they’re not actively monitoring the markets.

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What are the benefits for traders? 

The integration of price alerts and orders presents several advantages for both experienced and novice traders:

1. Timing advantage: 

The feature enables traders to capitalize on market opportunities swiftly, ensuring the instant execution of their strategies.

2. Reduced manual effort: 

Automation eliminates the need for continuous manual monitoring, allowing traders to focus on strategic decision-making.

3. Enhanced precision: 

The system executes orders exactly as specified, avoiding any errors or delays that might occur with manual execution.

4. 24/7 Coverage: 

Traders can leverage the automated system around the clock, even during non-trading hours.

How to create price alerts and buy/sell orders on Bitmama

Follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Bitmama account: If you’re already a Bitmama user, simply log in. If not, sign up now to access this exciting new feature.

2. Crypto price alert and order: Choose your desired cryptocurrency, set your alert price, and simultaneously set a corresponding buy/sell order at the same price.

3. Automatic execution: When the market hits your specified price, Bitmama will automatically execute your order.

The latest update reflects a strong dedication to user-centric innovation as we continue our commitment to enhancing your crypto trading experience. Traders can look forward to a future where efficiency, control, and accuracy are at the forefront of their trading journey.


Emmanuel Agwu

Aug 14, 2023

3 mins read

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