Easiest Ways to Earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria

From poor economic conditions to the rising global cost of living, you’re possibly searching for ways to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria and rightfully so. We are at that point where traditional 9 to 5 jobs are no longer enough to cater for basic needs, forcing people to search for other ways to earn money directly. 

For starters, there are apps that pay money and other online opportunities that don’t need you to commit to a 9 am to 5 pm daily routine to get paid. In this article, we discussed the best ways to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria and stay on pay with the rising economic demands and inflation. 

How can I make money from my bank account? 

There are two ways that answer the question of how to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria.  

  • Money Making and investment apps
  • Online business opportunities

We are going to take a look at both in subsequent paragraphs. 


What apps pay you instantly in Nigeria? 

Money-making apps are mobile applications and digital platforms that offer distinct opportunities that help you earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria. This may come in the form of referral activities or executing specific tasks stated by the business. Generally, the more tasks you are able to complete, the more you earn.  

What are the requirements to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria through apps? 

Although the requirements may vary from one app to another, they generally observe the following: 

  • Minimum requirement of age 18 and above
  • You need to have a functioning bank account and bank verification number (BVN) 
  • Relevant identification documents such as valid IDs like NIN, voters card, National ID, driver’s license or international passports for or other acceptable means of identification that may be requested for KYC

What apps help you earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria?

At the moment, there are 4 major apps that can help you earn good money directly to your bank account in Nigeria. They include 

1. Bitmama Earn

You can earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria through the Bitmama Earn feature. Essentially, you earn money that is paid to your digital wallet, which you can then withdraw to your bank account. Bitmama earn allows you to stake your crypto coins for a specified period, after which you receive them back with interest. With Bitmama stake, you don’t have to worry about losing your assets or your asset losing value. It is one of the apps that offer investments with monthly returns in Nigeria.

How can I profit from Bitmama Earn? 

Follow the steps below to start earning from the Bitmama Earn service:

  • Download the Bitmama App on Android or iOS, then proceed to register and log in.
  • On the app, navigate to the “account” section at the bottom right part of your smartphone screen
  • Select “Bitmama earn”, and then staking
  • Click on “earn now” and select your preferred coin type (e.g BTC, USDT or ETH)
  • Select your preferred subscription model (“Flexible” or “fixed”)
  • Enter the amount you want to stake and the duration (between 7 and 365 days)
  • Opt in or out of the stake rollover option after your investment matures
  • Lastly, click subscribe and you are all set up

Additionally, you can also earn a profit on the Bitmama platform through referrals. With Bitmama, you stand a chance to be rewarded if your referral signup and completes a transaction on Bitmama. 


2. OwoDaily

Basically, OwoDaily is an application that allows you to complete simple online tasks for money. You can earn up to N5,000 per task on the digital platform. Examples include commenting, liking, and sharing posts on social media platforms.

Additionally, you may be asked to browse certain websites, play games, watch videos, and ads, undergo surveys or install certain apps on your phone. OwoDaily pays directly to your account every Friday with a minimum withdrawal of N5,000. 

How can I earn money on OwoDaily? 

There are two major ways to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria through OwoDaily. They include: 

  • Carrying out daily tasks
  • Participating in affiliate programs and earning commissions from referrals. OwoDaily offers up to 50% commission for every member you invite
  • Becoming a reseller on the platform: this involves you marketing the opportunity for people to grow their followers or post data like engagement, likes and shares for a fee. Essentially, you proceed to post it as a job on OwoDaily, allowing people to jump on the task and everyone gets paid

How much can I make on OwoDaily? 

Generally, OwoDaily pays between N10 and N5,000 per task executed successfully. Therefore, the exact amount you can make depends on how many tasks you complete for that day. However, you can withdraw directly to your bank account as soon as the money accumulates to N5,000. 

How Can I Register on OwoDaily? 

You can register on OwoDaily by following the steps below: 

  • Visit their official website at 
  • Register by clicking on “Get Started”
  • Provide the requested information and submit for approval. A link will be sent to your mail to verify and complete your registration.
  • Lastly, proceed to activate your membership by paying the activation fee

3. PiggyVest

PiggyVest is one of the most popular apps in Nigeria today for saving and earning money. Basically, it allows you to save, invest and earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria. The app also offers a referral program where you receive up to N1,000 for every individual you refer using the platform. Additionally, your referral also receives a welcome bonus. 

How can I register on the PiggyVest platform? 

Follow the steps below to register on PiggyVest:

  • Download the app from the Google play store and register
  • Opt to save or invest money, choosing your tenor and other necessary details

4. Eagle Predict

Basically, with an accuracy of over 89.9% in football betting tips, Eagle Predict is one of the best prediction sites in the world. Therefore, it is used by a large number of gamblers in making decisions before staking on a game. 

How can I earn money on Eagle Predict? 

You can earn money on Eagle Predict through any of the following ways: 

a. Voting on Soccer Predictions

How good are you at predicting match outcomes? 

This feature gives you the opportunity to earn through voting on the various betting tops on the site. Basically, you subscribe to a plan, get granted access to bet, and then predict the outcomes of several categories of football across weekends and weekdays. 

Additionally, an accurate vote on betting tips will earn you a point and an inaccurate vote will result in a deduction of one point. A the end of the month, the top 3 point gets a cash price of N15,000, N10,000 and N5,000 respectively.

b. Football Prediction

Eagle Predict platform also hosts betting tips from professional analysts for making stakes with betting companies like Nairabet and Bet9ja. Basically, you can take free tips from the platform, then proceed to stake and stand a chance to win. 

c. Referral Links

Just like the first 3 platforms, you can also earn through referrals on Eagle Predict. Basically, you receive a 10% bonus for every of your referral that registers.


Online business opportunities to help you earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria

Asides from making money through apps, there are also online business opportunities that can help you earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria

Yes, there are a plethora of opportunities, but we have summarized them into these top 5:

1. Information Marketing 

Essentially, this refers to the selling of information in form of eBooks, PDFs, Video training and tutorials, etc. However, you first need to identify a demand and then proceed to compile information to answer such a question. You can sell these books through platforms like Amazon or upload your tutorial videos on Udemy which people will only access at a cost. 

2. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has the potential to generate thousands for you every month. Essentially, it involves selling other people’s products and earning a commission from the sales. Expertnaire is one of the common affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria. Also, you can check out Amazon, Jumia or Konga affiliate programs. 

3. Simple Earning Programs

These are simple activities you can do to earn an extra income. Today, some platforms pay people to read and engage social media posts. 

4. Freelancing

Basically, freelancing refers to completing jobs online for a fee. However, you need to have digital skills such as writing, web design, graphics design and more. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork connect freelancers and people offering jobs together. All you need to do is register and start making money. 

5. Buying and selling

Buying and selling take advantage of arbitrage to earn a profit between trades. Essentially, you buy something at a cheaper price in bulk from the manufacturers or wholesalers and then proceed to sell it for a higher price elsewhere. Drop shipping is an excellent example of this. Learn how to start and grow an arbitrage trading business.


From completing online tasks to saving and investing, there are several ways to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria. Ultimately, it depends on which you prefer and have the facility to pursue. Bitmama Earn for one, offers one of the best opportunities today, allowing you to stake crypto and earn in crypto which is safe from inflation and losses compared to conventional investments. 



Nov 29, 2022

8 mins read

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