Ebovi Wali, Head of Changera: What excites me about working at Bitmama

Ebovi Wali, Head of Changera, a flagship product of Bitmama Inc., in this exclusive interview shared why he is excited to work at the trailblazing fintech company

Please introduce yourself and your role at Bitmama Inc.

My name is Ebovi, I am the Head of Changera, a flagship product of Bitmama Inc. I actually used to work at Bitmama before I got reassigned to Changera.

How has joining Bitmama influenced your career path?

I would say it’s been a 100, this is a place where you can grow really fast if you produce results.  I joined as a member of the growth team and after a couple of months, I am the Head of Changera, running my own team.

Amazing, so how was life before Bitmama

Before joining Bitmama I was doing growth partnerships working with certain organizations that had the users.

What is growth partnership? 

Growth partnerships stemmed from the idea of finding cost-effective ways to get users directly from where they can be found. 

To work in this field you need to have an eye for insights. What I mean by that is you need to understand customer trends and verticals. You need to be able to identify synergies and cross-platform opportunities across different organizations. It involves partnering with businesses that are not exactly correlated to your business because you know that if you work with this team or organization, you will be able to boost what you are doing at your own company. 

Tell us something about growth partnership that we don’t know.

One hack about growth partnership is your network. You need to know resourceful people in high places, who can make introductions on your behalf. So, if you want to launch any partnership or user acquisition campaign, you can knock on any door and it opens for you.

Oh, so you need to have the proverbial “long legs”?

Exactly and be a people’s person

Did you choose Fintech or it chose you because you can be a growth partner in any industry, why fintech?

I actually chose fintech because it moves really fast, I know because I was in the real estate sector for a while and I’ve felt the difference between the two sectors.

What are the perks of working in Bitmama?

Bitmama is an amazing place to work. I think what is most interesting is everybody is involved as co-owners of our company’s vision. There are very few places with that level of openness, people are also very passionate about their work. Almost everyone carries their work on their head which is quite interesting to see. It is also an atmosphere where people like things to move very fast. At first, you might think people are impatient but soon you realize it is only for the better. 

As for perks, we all enjoy HMO, getting paid in dollars, and also travel opportunities come up once in a while. I think another perk is the ability to be visible. Not many organizations will grant you visibility for your work but in Bitmama, if you do good work you will be publicly praised for it.

Thank you for mentioning travel opportunities, that leads me to my next question: How was the team’s trip to Barcelona in one word?

It was interesting! Fun fact: I lost my laptop bag on my first day in Barcelona. 

Whoa, seriously?

Yes! I’m glad I was able to get it back thanks to the honesty of the Uber driver.

Thank goodness, what else happened on the trip?

We were able to pay for our Uber rides with the Changera app and Changera Easy Dollar card. It was a very interesting trip. I got to meet with a couple of investors and was able to network. Besides work, I was able to meet up with existing friends and meet new friends. Also, we went shopping and we were able to see the city mall which was very interesting. I was also able to take very long walks as well.

Sounds like you really enjoy working at Bitmama! 

It’s amazing to know that Bitmama offers this kind of experience. Traveling and seeing the world while working. As the saying goes, “A happy team is a productive one”. It’s no wonder that the team at Bitmama is putting in top-notch effort to build a record-breaking product.

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Jun 24, 2022

4 mins read

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