How to buy new crypto before listing on exchanges

Despite the bear market that rocked the world of crypto in 2022, people are currently investing in cryptocurrency anticipating the next bull run. Due to the low prices of tokens, this period seems like a perfect time to invest in crypto tokens, especially in projects that are yet to be launched. Generally, the prices of tokens skyrocket after their release, giving early investors room to make huge profits. If you are interested in investing in unreleased projects, we’ll walk you through how to buy new crypto before listing on exchanges.


Why buy a token during presale?

Buying a crypto token during a presale can be a very good option, especially for projects with high potential. If you are an investor looking to buy tokens on presale, then it could greatly benefit you in the following ways:

1. Tokens acquired at lower than the actual listing price

Generally, tokens are sold at a cheaper price during a presale. You will always pay a cheaper price to buy crypto before its launch than when it has already been launched and listed on a crypto exchange.

In fact, paying for a presale token guarantees you a heavily discounted rate, unlike the price it would be after it has been launched and listed on exchanges. For instance, Ethereum (ETH), was available during its presale for about $0.31 per coin. However, since its release, its value has increased drastically, hitting more than $$1,738 in 2023.

2. Buyers will have the tokens before any major Crypto exchanges listings

Usually, cryptocurrencies are sent to early investors before they are listed on major crypto exchanges. This is because new listings of tokens on any exchange give major exposure, which makes the token’s price skyrocket quickly. Presale customers would also be able to sell their crypto tokens for a substantial profit during this period without having to bother about purchasing at a higher price during the exchange listing.

3. Anyone can buy tokens during a presale

A public presale is open and available for everyone. Basically, the buyer is getting access to a digital asset that has a chance to appreciate in value greatly before anybody else gets to purchase and stock up on them. This makes the tokens presales period a very attractive period for investors to buy crypto. The only thing needed to be able to profit from this open accessibility is to locate good projects during their presale stage. 

What are the ways to buy Cryptocurrency early?

How to Buy New Crypto Before Listing on Exchanges
How to Buy New Crypto Before Listing on Exchanges

Here is a list of the three major ways you can buy a token early:

1. Private sales

These are typically closed sales in which prominent institutions, wealthy investors or other rich cryptocurrency organizations participate. Usually, whenever a crypto project needs to be presented, it passes through strategic planning and needs a reasonable sum of money to move forward with the strategy, especially during the early days. Money received from these private sales typically goes towards the building n of the product, and serious marketing so as to create hype about the project.

While private sales are of little concern to small retail investors, it’s not such a bad idea to keep track of them. This is because they generally give retail investors insight into how the crypto project is likely to perform in the future since key players in the blockchain space will invest only in exceptionally promising initiatives.

2. Presale ICOs

Presale ICOs, also known as Initial Coin Offerings, are sales where a restricted number of dedicated crypto community members are offered access to buy the token. Basically, a presale ICO seeks to raise a reasonable amount of money, but majorly focuses on developing a brand name. There are numerous ways in which this stage is carried out. One very popular crypto team use is through airdrops.

3. Main ICO

The main ICO is a key aspect of your journey on how to buy new crypto before listing on exchanges and can be classified into two major parts. These two parts are the public presale and IEO, short for Initial Exchange Offering. Certainly, an IEO is not an aspect of the presale. Nonetheless, it is still a relatively early opportunity and could offer investors a substantial amount of profits.

The public presale seeks to raise a huge amount of money. It is what crypto developers depend on to build the product, and set up roadmaps for the future. Hence, it will be open to everyone. Usually, the public presale is made available to everyone on the project website, and users can easily buy their tokens from there. This is what many retail investors seek to invest in. Public presales are a great way to purchase tokens to guarantee great profits post-launch.

An IEO or Initial Exchange Offering typically takes place after the official launch of the token and means that the coin will be getting listed on its first-ever primary Centralized Exchange. Although this occurs after the launch has already happened, the huge volatility offers an opportunity for crypto investors to make fast profits.

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How do I acquire a new Cryptocurrency before listing? 

How do I acquire a new Cryptocurrency before listing
How do I acquire a new Cryptocurrency before listing

Generally, new crypto tokens are likely to be available in a presale before their launch and listing on an exchange. These sales can be announced on news sites, social media, or any crypto-focused tracking site. Before they get listed on a centralized exchange (CEX), new tokens are first circulated via presales, initial coin offerings (ICOs), as well as initial DEX offerings (IDOs). This can be likened to a crowdfunding event, that allows the projects to raise funds from investors by offering early access to a ratio of a new token’s supply.

To locate upcoming presales, ICOs, and IDOs, you can search across:

1. Crypto launchpads

Crypto launchpads, often called crypto incubators, are special platforms that were built to help promote the launch of initial DEX offerings. They are hubs for people searching for where and how to buy new crypto before listing on exchanges. Essentially, these platforms help to assess, market, and supervise pre-public launches. As a result of this, the platforms have become one of the most popular outlets for launching new cryptocurrencies. With new digital coins and tokens listed on them on a weekly basis, Crypto launchpads remain one of the best platforms to locate new opportunities. 

2. Coin aggregators

Data aggregators, also called coin aggregators, are crypto-centred tracking websites that gather and present data on numerous cryptocurrencies. Several coin aggregators also stay updated on presales, ICOs, and even IDOs. Generally, data aggregators provide an excellent solution for crypto investors who do not have enough time to scan numerous crypto launchpads. Thanks to the capacity to filter by specific metrics, coins, and tokens can easily be sorted until a popular token listing is found. 

3. Telegram pre-sale groups

Telegram is a popular messaging application that can be used to inform investors about new crypto launches. Usually, crypto projects create Telegram groups to assist in promoting their token, answer investors’ questions, and share the latest news and updates. 

By being a part of that project community via Telegram, crypto investors can easily stay ahead of the immense competition. Also, group chats provide a chance to get to know the team members and community that is behind a project. 

4. Social media platforms

Another way you can find new cryptocurrencies on presale is by following X (formerly Twitter) and other social channels. This is an excellent idea for crypto investors who have enough time to fully engage in the online cryptocurrency community. By doing so, new tokens can be acquired well before their listing on exchanges. Social media have already become extremely important for disseminating information regarding new cryptocurrencies.

In particular, X has become the best platform for many investors. Alongside Telegram, X is one of the first places crypto enthusiasts discuss where to find new cryptos. 

5. ICO/IDO calendars

ICO/IDO calendars help to keep track of every pre-public launch opportunity. With very easy navigation and a coalition of critical insights, these websites are an ideal starting place if you are searching for the best token opportunities. 

6. Crypto news outlets

Websites that are known to publish press releases and new stories can be used to notify investors about upcoming new projects and token pre-sale events.

7. Crypto Conferences and Events Related To ICOs

Cryptocurrency conferences are currently one of the most straightforward ways for new crypto projects to receive validated exposure. Today, hundreds of these conferences now take place across the world and offer a stage for crypto projects to display what they offer. Hence, many projects organize and use events to release the details of their public funding rounds. Interested attendees also get to ask questions directly to the project team.

Due to the high cost, cryptocurrency events and conferences may be most suitable for people who work directly within the cryptocurrency industry. 

How to buy a presale token pre-launch

Differences Between Centralised and Decentralised Exchanges

Are you interested in buying a presale token pre-launch? Here’s a general idea of the steps to follow: 

Step 1- Create a crypto wallet 

Select any crypto wallet you want and create your account. Ensure to document all your private details and passwords for the account and keep them very safe, as this will be important to retaining reserves if you forget the credentials in the future. Bitmama crypto wallet is simply the best option for you.

Step 2- Fund your wallet 

Fund your wallet by depositing crypto from a centralized exchange or any other wallet. Alternatively, you can just buy tokens directly from the wallets. However, this unique feature is exclusively supported by a small number of wallet options.

Usually when purchasing cryptos pre-launch, it will involve purchasing Tether (USDT) or Ethereum (ETH). After this, you have to trade any of them for the digital coin you are interested in. You can fund your Bitmama wallet with your preferred fiat and then purchase your preferred digital coin.

Step 3 – Land on the presale 

Once you have a duly funded wallet, go to the presale website. Ensure that the website address you input is correct, as it is very possible that there can be imitators who can steal your funds. 

Step 4 – Enter wallet details and purchase tokens 

Input the number of new tokens you are hoping to buy and click on the “buy now” option. Follow the subsequent prompts till completion and you would be credited with the purchased tokens. 

Learning how to buy new crypto before listing on exchanges is not something to really bother about, as there are different outlets that offer you that opportunity. We’ve already listed some of the outlets above. In all, just ensure that you stay updated on the latest crypto news at all times. Also, it is very important to properly research a crypto project and team before thinking of making any purchase. 

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Emmanuel Agwu

Aug 21, 2023

9 mins read

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