How to easily get verified on Bitmama

Do you still wonder if you need to verify your account on Bitmama? Take this as the sign you need, our answer to this is a definite YES!

Just like any other two-factor authentication process, the Bitmama verification process is also to ensure the safety and security of our users.  

What’s amazing is that you don’t just get to enjoy security but there are also several benefits you are entitled to when you verify your account on Bitmama.


Why should I get verified?

If you have not completed level-3 verification, this is for you. Here are some benefits of being verified on Bitmama, you can:

  1. Get your own crypto card: Spend over $10k monthly and pay for anything with your virtual and physical crypto card
  2. Earn USD on referrals: Refer friends to use Bitmama and earn USD after they complete a transaction
  3. Claim free rewards: Scan the QR Code on your reward card and get amazing rewards 
  4. Plan for and enjoy Summer around the world with just your limitless crypto card 
  5. Clear your shopping cart from anywhere without worrying about the $20 limit 
  6. Buy the dip now, so you can enjoy the next bull season 
  7. Global shopping made easy 
  8. Sell and buy crypto at the best rates 
  9. Easy POS payments and ATM withdrawals around the world 
  10. Set up your  first P2P trade
  11. Trade crypto without using your money through our Buy Crypto Pay Later feature

All these and more to enjoy,  just by completing your verification. Get level-3 verification to access and enjoy these benefits and more. Click on the link below to start 


Bitmama verification process

You are literally one minute away from enjoying benefits such as unlimited dollar spending, beating Naira devaluation, and trading crypto with ease.

You simply have to download the Bitmama app and complete the 3 levels of Bitmama verification process. Follow these steps to be fully verified at each level

Level 1

At this level, you can only perform transactions of up to $50. There are 2 kinds of verification to be done which are, phone and email verification

Phone verification

  • Download the app on iOS or Android
  • Fill in your phone number
  • Click on send code
  • Fill in the code sent to your phone number

Email verification

  • Fill in  your email address
  • Enter the code sent to your email
  • Click on continue and you are all done

Here’s a video to buttress the process above


Level 2

This level allows you to make transactions up to $20,000. All you need to do to get access to this level is to upload a valid ID card. This could be your international passport, National Identity card or Voter’s card as a Nigerian or any other recognised card in your country if you are not from Nigeria. It’s as easy as ABC. Here’s a video how-to video as well.

Level 3:

  • Open your Bitmama app 
  • Click on Account 
  • Click on Verification 
  • Select Verify 
  • Fill in the address details and click Continue 
  • Provide your bank information 
  • Upload a photo of a utility bill. (This could be electricity, waste, or water. You can also upload a bank statement and enter the address attached to the documents)
  • Click Continue and check your inbox for a confirmation and approval email 

Level 3 Verification is equally as easy. Here’s a video to get started.

Ready to enjoy crypto beyond trading And other perks waiting on your Bitmama app? Get verified today. Join our community to get more info and support here


Confidence Chukwuemeka

Jun 28, 2022

3 mins read

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