How to receive dollar payments in Nigeria – Top 10 apps to use

The world now operates as a global market, with people from several countries trading directly with each other and most people even earn in dollars. However, one challenge still facing many is how to receive dollar payments in Nigeria. People domiciled in Nigeria know how frustrating it can get when it comes to receiving money from foreign countries. The good news is that you can receive money if you know the right channels to leverage.

This article discusses different ways on how to receive dollar payments in Nigeria, taking a brief look at some of the best platforms that offer such services. This is in a bid to help you make the best decision and ultimately receive dollars in a hassle-free manner. 

Top 10 ways to receive dollar payments in Nigeria

Here is a rundown of the top 10 best ways to receive dollar payments in Nigeria. 

1. Changera App

The Changera app stands out as one of the best ways to receive dollar payments in Nigeria. Essentially, the app allows you to send and receive money instantly from around the world, purchase airtime and pay utility bills for yourself and your family. 

To get started, simply download the app from the google play store or the Apple store and register. Proceed to start sending and receiving money immediately. 

2. Western Union

Western Union remains one of the oldest and most trusted money transfer service providers in the world. Active for over 149 years, they help you send and receive money to over 200 countries worldwide. Essentially, Western Union remains one of the fastest and easiest means to receive dollars to Nigeria. 

To receive money through Western Union, you are required to provide the following information: 

  • Sender’s name
  • Receiver’s name
  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  • Country the money is being sent from
  • Amount you want to transfer
  • A valid ID card (voters card, National ID, BVN, driver’s licence, etc)
  • Lastly, answers to other relevant questions

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3. Domiciliary Account

A domiciliary account or dorm account is a very popular way to receive dollar payments in Nigeria. Basically, this is a different type of account that enables you to receive foreign currencies directly into your Nigerian account. After receiving the fund, you can proceed to make withdrawals at any branch of your bank in cash. 

You need to provide the following information to the sender to receive dollars into your dorm account:

  • Account number
  • Account name
  • Bank’s SWIFT code
  • Name of the bank 
  • Bank’s routing number
  • Lastly, the bank’s address

Transfers most times reflect 72 hours after they are made. 

4. MoneyGram

Certainly one of the most popular money transfer app, the MoneyGram application simplifies the transfer and receipt of foreign currencies globally. Basically, you receive the money a few minutes after the payment is initiated on the platform. 

To receive money through MoneyGram, you need to provide a reference code which you can obtain from the sender. You proceed with this code to your bank and fill out the receive form. The bank releases the money to you after your details have been verified. 

However, note that the maximum limit per customer on MoneyGram is $1,000 or its Naira equivalent within 90 days. Also, the maximum cumulative limit per individual on the platform is $8,000 within 30 days or its equivalent in Naira. 

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5. Payoneer

Payoneer is known for its accommodating money transfer services without many restrictions. With the app, you can transfer and receive funds globally and it has a network of over 200 countries and jurisdictions. 

With Payoneer, you instantly receive the money transferred. This sum is held in your Payoneer account and can then be withdrawn directly to your bank account. At this stage, you can proceed to your bank to withdraw cash. 


6. Western Union via Quickteller

Despite its money transfer service, Western Union hosts Quickteller, an online service provider that also allows you to send and receive funds. You can send or receive funds by visiting Quickteller’s official platform and navigating to the Western Union option. Proceed to supply the necessary details and click submit. 

What is the Western Union Money Transfer Limit? 

The maximum spend limit per individual in Western Union is $1,000 or its Naira equivalent. On the other hand, the maximum receive limit for each transaction is $10,000 or its Naira equivalent. 

7. World Remit

World Remit allows anyone anywhere to send and receive money from and to their account. With network coverage of over 150 countries, this platform is one of the best answers to the question – of how to receive dollars in Nigeria. 

Additionally, transfers are instant and you don’t need to visit a bank for withdrawal as a business or individual. One of the pros of using World Remit is that you are not charged for the transfer as the receptor. Additionally, world Remit does not have minimum transfer limits but operates a maximum transfer cap of $2,000 for the first transaction and subsequently $7,500 per transaction.

8. Wise (Transferwise)

Wise has a very wide global coverage, supporting over 750 currencies worldwide. The major advantage is that wise have relatively low prices compared to other platforms offering the same service. Depending on the route, you can pay as low as 0.5% to 2% on transfer fees. After receiving the sum, you can proceed to transfer them into your local bank account for withdrawal. 

9. RIA Money Transfer

RIA Money Transfer is a name you’ll be conversant with if you frequently freelance and get paid in dollars. Basically, they provide international money transfer services across 140 countries. They pay the funds in dollars directly into your bank account and you’ll receive it within minutes of initiating a withdrawal.  


10. Fincra

A plus one to our long list of platforms that make receiving money in dollars easier, FIncra services are available to the global market. Fincra transfer services are affordable and fast. More importantly, you can use Fincra account to receive multi currencies.  

Bottom Line

Lastly, with any of the platforms described above, you can receive dollars from your loved ones in diaspora and business transactions. Changera remains the best app for seamlessly sending and receiving dollars in Nigeria. Download and register on the Changera app to start receiving or sending dollars in Nigeria and globally.


Emmanuel Agwu

Dec 6, 2022

5 mins read

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