Is Zugacoin Legit: All You Need To Know

ZUGACOIN (SZCB) is the first African cryptocurrency to exist on blockchain technology. As it is with other parts of the world, the decentralized blockchain system is spreading fast and pushing financial boundaries. A prime example of how this happens in Africa is with the fast-rising Zugacoin (SZCB) crypto. After its launch in December 2020, Zugacoin has become one of the most valuable crypto assets in Nigeria. Now the question on the lips of most crypto holders and traders is: Is Zugacoin legit? Is it a safe investment, is this African crypto coin a good one to hold?

This article has all the answers you need.

Is Zugacoin Legit?

For most crypto owners and traders, this is the all-important question about zugacoin.

The worry about zugacoin being legit is one that investors are consistently concerned with. To be fair, this is not strange. When compared with other cryptocurrencies, one word comes to mind regarding zugacoin:


Also, it helps to remember that during the inaugural crypto trade fair in Nigeria, Zugacoin’s founder went on to declare that this coin was successfully used as a means of exchange for goods and services. Furthermore, he explained that very soon, merchants will be allowed to start accepting zugacoin as a means of exchange as many have been requesting for years.

In layman’s terms, this means that zugacoin is now a legitimate and acceptable means of payment in Nigeria.

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Is Zugacoin Legit Outside Nigeria?

Zugacoin is not just a local Nigerian product.

Although it is owned by a Nigerian and founded in Nigeria, Zugacoin holds patent rights from the US Government and a Microsoft license. In addition, at current projections, zugacoin will become one of the most expensive and valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

Furthermore, Zugacoin (SZCB) operates under the Ethereum blockchain and is the first African digital coin to earn a listen on the Coinmarketcap platform.

Interestingly, a major difference between zugacoin and other cryptocurrencies is that it was created for charity work and outreach purposes. Therefore, if you have a soft spot for doing good; this coin is definitely one to consider. To this effect, the Zugacoin (SZCB) project aims to empower African entrepreneurs and reconstruct the continent’s economy by offering limitless financial opportunities.

Also, this makes absolute sense when you consider the development of virtual crypto cards, dollar cards, and even buying airtime with cryptocurrency.

Why Should I Invest In Zugacoin?

In 2020, zugacoin was selling at $40,000/currency. Today, this coin has a 24-hour trading volume of $67,305 and has earned its spot as one of the most expensive and valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

Furthermore, zugacoin also demonstrates a projected daily rise in trading volume and price. Interestingly, statistics show that this coin remains a primary target for crypto traders, holders, and users in Africa.

Of course, we also believe that Zugacoin, as a legit coin, will change Africa for good by using blockchain technology to help entrepreneurs thrive in Africa and beyond. To achieve this, Zugacoin aims to unlock the potential of the world’s largest-growing workforce by creating, learning, earning, spending, and saving opportunities across Africa.


How To Invest In Zugacoin As Legit Crypto

Finally, you can follow these steps to invest in zugacoin the legit way:

1. Download a Crypto wallet and register. Metamask is a good Ethereum wallet for consideration.

2. Download a Crypto exchange platform like Bitmama and connect your account after registration to buy ETH

3. Send the ETH just bought on the Bitmama app to your crypto wallet via your wallet address

4. Connect your wallet account to a DEX for trade by using your wallet address

5. Select ETH as your payment and ZUGACOIN as the coin you want to acquire

6. Finally, the equivalent value of the ETH to ZUGACOIN would be displayed and then you can purchase the ZUGACOIN by swapping the ETH for ZUGACOIN.

A Final Note

In conclusion, the question about zugacoin being legit is not strange. Of course, it is normal to have questions about such a far-reaching and fast-growing coin like zugacoin. However, when you consider all the facts explained in this article, you will discover that zugacoin is a legit, reliable, and usable coin.

Take the step to getting zugacoin on the Bitmama exchange platform today.


Adeola Adebo

Nov 18, 2022

4 mins read

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