Stellar Soroban smart contracts update – All you need to know

Smart contracts have revolutionized the way trades are executed in the blockchain space by offering automated and trustless agreements that improve efficiency and security. Stellar Soroban, a platform developed on the Stellar blockchain, has been gaining attention with its innovative approach to smart contracts. In this article, we will discuss in detail the latest Stellar Soroban smart contracts update and what it means for developers and users alike.

Overview of Stellar Soroban smart contracts

After years of anticipation and development, Stellar has confirmed the debut of its smart contracts system with the new Protocol 20 update. The mainnet was launched on February 20, 2024, marking a significant landmark for the Stellar network. Basically, this update offers developers the ability to build decentralized applications (dApps) on Stellar, thereby unlocking new and better possibilities for the ecosystem. Now you may be wondering, what is Soroban?

Soroban is simply a smart contracts platform that was specifically designed for the Stellar network. This platform offers several key features including:

1. Built-in stellar integration

Soroban seamlessly integrates with all existing Stellar features such as payments, anchors, and multi-signature accounts. This creates a cohesive ecosystem for developers.

2. Low fees

All transactions executed on Soroban are expected to be significantly cheaper compared to other kinds of smart contract platforms.

3. Focus on security and performance

Soroban also prioritizes the security of its users and aims to be highly performant. This makes it very appropriate for real-world financial applications.

Key features of Stellar Soroban smart contracts update

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Here are some key features of Stellar Soroban smart contracts update:

1. Enhanced security

Basically, the most recent update to Stellar Soroban smart contracts offers enhanced security features to protect users’ data and assets. By leveraging Stellar’s powerful blockchain technology, smart contracts are sure to be executed securely and transparently.

2. Improved scalability

Although scalability has been a major challenge for many blockchain platforms, Stellar Soroban deals with this problem with its highly efficient consensus mechanism. The recent update to Stellar Soroban smart contracts makes the platform capable of seamlessly handling a high volume of transactions. 

3. User-friendly interface

The latest update also offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the whole process of building and deploying smart contracts. So whether you are a developer seeking to build complex agreements or just a user looking to interact with smart contracts, Soroban offers you an intuitive platform.

4. Interoperability

Stellar Soroban smart contracts are specifically designed to be interoperable with all other blockchain networks. This allows for seamless integration with different decentralized applications and protocols. The interoperability feature opens the ecosystem up to new possibilities to conduct cross-chain transactions. Collaborations within the blockchain ecosystem are also possible.

5. Cost-effective transactions

The update focuses on optimizing transaction costs while guaranteeing that users can conduct smart contracts with low fees. This cost-effectiveness makes Stellar Soroban a very attractive option for people and businesses seeking to leverage smart contracts for different use cases.

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Stellar Soroban upgrade phases

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The launch of Stellar’s smart contract platform, Soroban, is going on in carefully mapped-out phases. Therefore, there’s smooth integration and network stability. Below, we’ve provided a breakdown of the different phases:

1. Phase 0: Observation and testing (completed)

Timeline: Immediately after the February 20, 2024, mainnet launch.

Purpose: The purpose of this phase is to allow network operators, validators, and even developers to conform to Soroban’s functionality on the platform without any public interaction.


  • Testing Soroban smart contracts.
  • Validating network performance and stability.
  • Uploading all network configuration updates via Soroban contracts.

2. Phase 1: Deploy and monitor (ongoing)

Timeline: Started February 27, 2024, and is still ongoing.

Purpose: The purpose of this phase is to allow developers to launch and test their Soroban smart contracts on the mainnet. However, it won’t be for public use yet.


  • Developers deploy their contracts for in-depth internal testing and refinement.
  • Network operators carefully monitor the effect of Soroban transactions on the network’s performance.
  • Gradual increase in Soroban transaction limits if network stability is affirmed.

3. Phase 2 and beyond (Future Phases)

These phases will likely involve:

  • Further increase in the transaction limits on Soroban.
  • Open access for public use and interaction with Soroban-based applications (dApps).
  • Potential introduction of extra features and functionalities.

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How does Stellar Soroban smart contract update impact developers and businesses? 

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The Soroban update primarily impacts developers and businesses in these ways:

1. Developers

Developers have unrestricted access to a robust platform for developing dApps on Stellar. Thherefore, this opens opportunities in specific areas like DeFi, tokenized assets, and many more.

2. Businesses

Businesses can now explore the possibility of Soroban for innovative solutions such as programmable payments, loyalty programs, and even escrow services.

Now that you know the basics of the Stellar Soroban smart contracts update, you should note that Soroban is still in its early stages. Hence, the ecosystem is evolving. For this reason, you must stay informed and apply caution when interacting with dApps that were built on Soroban. The importance of conducting thorough research and due diligence before diving into the crypto space can never be underestimated.  

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Emmanuel Agwu

Feb 28, 2024

4 mins read

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