Getting started: 3 Smart guides to cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency is a chain of transactions that involves online payment in exchange for goods and services, you will learn the beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency trading and make a good decision in your trading activities in this article. There is a rise in the rate at which companies issue their own currencies, often called tokens to be used in exchange for the goods and services offered by the said company.

The industry currently tops the list as the most sought-after industry and plays a valuable role in helping investors and traders to benefit from the financial market. It makes use of blockchain technology, a decentralized kind of technology that helps to manage and record transactions

It is quite necessary to carry out proper research to educate oneself in order to determine which of the options is tailored to your needs and to build workable strategies to help come up with a suitable framework to follow.


Beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency trading

As a cryptocurrency trader, what you seek to do is to take advantage of the volatile nature of the market. Hence, there are certain things that every potential cryptocurrency trader has to keep in mind before launching out to trade. Here are two smart way beginner’s guides to cryptocurrency trading below:

1. Devise a Crypto Trading Strategy

The first thing to decide on is the strategy you want to use for trading. This strategy would be a solid plan that would serve as a guidebook and set the tone for all your trading activities going forward. This makes your work easier because it could also help in reducing financial risk.

Your trading strategy would normally include your class of assets, setups, brand, position sizing, maximum investment, and other minor and major details. Normally, you do not have to follow the same strategy for life, you may adjust strategies based on the performance or results of the one you applied previously.


2. Study the Market Trend in Crypto Trading

This refers to the overall direction that the price of an asset tilts towards. Basically, there are three recognized market trends: the bear, bull, and consolidating markets:

  • Bear market: This is not restricted to cryptocurrency alone, it is also used in stocks, bonds, and real estate. Here, prices usually spiral down all the time. It is recognized as a negative trend in the prices of markets.
  • Bull market: For the bull market, the prices rise steadily.
  • Consolidating market: Here, there is usually no clear direction to determine whether the market price rises or falls.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Buying Cryptocurrency requires you to have a wallet, an online app that can be used to save your currency. Normally, you create an account on an exchange and then transfer real money to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Understanding how to buy bitcoin is not as difficult as it looks at first glance.

Finally, as a potential trader, you must ensure that you confirm the authenticity of the cryptocurrency you want to invest in. You should also research precautionary methods to protect yourself from fraudsters who see cryptocurrency as an avenue to scam investors.

Bitmama Exchange is a trusted and reliable, safe, and secure platform to buy and sell your Bitcoin and begin your journey into the world of Cryptocurrency.

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Bitmama Team

Apr 8, 2021

3 mins read

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