Top 7 Ways to Earn Free Crypto in 2023

To be frank, we all like free things, especially the valuable free things that involve money. How to make money online being one of the most searched sentences on the internet today is a testament to that. However, most people focus on the traditional making money channels and are ignorant of the fact that they can earn free crypto. 

Earning free cryptocurrencies is one of the easiest ways to make money online and enter the crypto market at the same time. Basically, you can even use it to expand your portfolio and trading experience. Therefore, beyond its monetary value, it offers other benefits that you just shouldn’t say no to. 

Hitting the nail on the head, there are several channels to earn crypto for free in your bid to explore how to earn free crypto. We’re going to cover the most important ones in this article. 

What are free cryptocurrencies? 

Differences between credit cards and debit cards

Basically, free cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrencies that you receive without a corresponding payment. However, although given for free, they are mostly incentives used to encourage users to carry out certain tasks. The description is simple – carry out these tasks and receive crypto rewards. 

The challenge with earning crypto for free lies more in discovering the opportunities than performing the task itself. Most people search for how to make money online but do not narrow it down to crypto-earning opportunities. 

Top 7 ways to earn free crypto in 2023

Let’s take a look at 10 major ways to make money online by earning free crypto

1. Leverage signup bonuses and seasonal promotions on crypto exchanges

signup bonuses and seasonal promotions on crypto exchanges
signup bonuses and seasonal promotions on crypto exchanges

Arguably the easiest way to earn free crypto, most crypto trading platforms offer registration bonuses and occasional promotions to users. Essentially, you can receive sign-up bonuses as a reward for registering for the platform and completing the verification process. Additionally, some crypto platforms go the way of offering free cryptos when another person signs up through your referral link and completes the verification process.

Looking for how to make money online? Bitmama runs a referral system that offers crypto-earning opportunities. Get started with Bitmama referral here.

2. Crypto staking

Basically, crypto staking refers to locking up your crypto over a specific duration for interest. It is offered by many crypto exchange platforms that pools cryptos together from users and invest them. Interest percentages are clearly stated, however, you can earn more if you hold it for a long time. 

Bitmama operates one of the best crypto staking systems known as Bitmama Earn. With Bitmama Earn, you can easily stake your crypto assets and earn interest over time.

3. Learn and earn

Learn and earn programs offer crypto incentives to users for taking courses. More often than not, cryptocurrency courses could be kind of boring and users aren’t motivated to take them without incentives. If you get through this, however, you’ll both learn and earn at the same time. 

Learn and earn
Learn and earn

Examples of learning and earn for rewards include watching tutorials, taking quizzes, and completing modules. This opportunity is offered by several crypto trading platforms today.

4. Crypto mining

Certainly an obvious choice, crypto mining is an easy earning crypto-for-free opportunity that anyone can benefit from. However, the entry-level is very high as you require power computing systems and cryptographic algorithms to solve complex equations. Crypto mining requires lots of computing power and a decentralized network to be efficient, essentially making it difficult for an individual to pull off. 

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5. Participating in airdrops

Airdrops simply refer to participating in crypto giveaways. They are usually run and the launch of the crypto coin to drive market adoption. However, airdrops could be organized beyond launch as part of a marketing strategy. 

Like most free stuff, you have to complete certain tasks or meet certain eligibility criteria. For airdrops, it’s usually around creating hype for the coin and promoting it actively. However, ensure you only get involved in airdrops run by reputable brands because many airdrops giveaway coins that end up worthless. 

6. Crypto lending

Participating in airdrops
Participating in airdrops

Basically, the crypto lending process works by you depositing your coin with exchanges that will borrow them to investors. Therefore, you earn certain percentages at specific pre-agreed times. Also, investors are required to submit collateral to the exchange before being offered the loan. This is to protect the lender as the browser risks losing his collateral if he fails to meet up with the payment agreement.

7. Play-to-earn (P2E) and Move-to-Earn (M2E)

The Play to Earn (P2E) option offers a great opportunity for gamers to earn from their passion as some platforms offer crypto incentives for games. Essentially, you unlock crypto tokens as you complete stages in the game. Also, you can receive game assets in the form of NFTs which you can sell off for more crypto. 

Move to earn (M2E) opportunity is for those who prefer to exercise than play games. Basically, it allows you to earn free crypto by walking running or performing other exercise-approved tasks. 

Note: there are several scammers out there looking to capitalise on the ignorance of people. Freebies that are too good to be true may be a trap, therefore, ensure you only participate in trusted brands or developers. Exercise caution and do not release sensitive information such as your wallet credentials and login details to anyone. Also, beware of spammy emails and opportunities that require you to trade your coin to receive more tokens. 

Earn free crypto with Bitmama

Bitmama offers two of the simplest ways to earn crypto for free. With Bitmama Earn, you can easily stake your crypto assets and earn interest over time. In simple terms, you lock your coins for a period, and then when it is time you collect your crypto back with extra!


Bitmama Referral on the other hand, It is a structure that has been tested and proven to be a source of passive income for Bitmama users. Simply share your referral link and get friends and family to register and complete the verification process to earn free crypto. 

As the best trading crypto app in Nigeria, Bitmama offers a secure marketplace for crypto enthusiasts. Perform activities like crypto trading, crypto staking, and creating virtual dollar or crypto cards for online payment. See our post on how to start crypto trading.

Most importantly, you can earn crypto for free! Get started today by downloading the Bitmama app on Android or iOS.


Emmanuel Agwu

Jan 19, 2023

5 mins read

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