When is the next crypto bull run?

Within regular intervals, the prices of cryptocurrency tend to increase significantly and rapidly with periodic deviations. This occurrence is popularly called the “crypto bull run” and it is a phase that most crypto investors anticipate. In recent times the price of most prominent cryptocurrencies has experienced constant fluctuations with more falls than rises. These cycles of ups and downs have given rise to the terms “bull market” and “bear market,” which describe periods of rising and falling prices, respectively. As crypto enthusiasts and investors eagerly anticipate the next bull run, the question on everyone’s mind is: When will it happen?


What is a cryptocurrency bull run?

A cryptocurrency bull run is a period when the prices of crypto increase quickly and significantly. Basically, when markets are undergoing a bull run, merchants and investors are usually bullish on the asset class generally. This can cause a self-reinforcing cycle, as rising interest and investment rates will further boost prices.

How long is a crypto bull run?

The span of a crypto bull run can range significantly so it is hard to specifically determine the time frames involved. Judging from past events, bull run cycles in the crypto market have prevailed anywhere from only a few months to a couple of years. Factors that can influence the length of a bull run include market sentiment, buyer and seller sentiment, investor behaviour, crypto regulatory changes, and the general economic landscape of a country.  

While some crypto bull runs may be somewhat short-lived, marked by quick price gains followed by a market modification, others can be more prevalent and may extend over a longer duration. When it comes to predicting the duration of a crypto run, you should not rely solely on information from past trends, as the crypto market is extremely volatile, dynamic, unpredictable, and very risky.

Will 2023 be a bull market?

Will 2023 be a bull market
Will 2023 be a bull market?

Discerning whether the rest of 2023 will offer a crypto bull market,   is uncertain and speculative. Generally, the crypto market’s trajectory is highly influenced by a complicated interplay of different factors. These factors can include market sentiment, regulatory developments, adoption rates, and even macroeconomic conditions. Hence, nothing’s ever certain. 

While some professionals may give insights and opinions, it is impossible to accurately predict the market’s direction for the rest of the year. Hence it is advisable to follow crypto predictions with utmost caution and carry out thorough research, analyze crypto market trends, consider multiple perspectives, and understand the risk involved before making any decision.

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When was the last crypto bull run?

The last crypto bull run the market experienced started in mid-2020 and held out until late 2021. It was characterized by a rapid increase in crypto prices and a significant increase in the value of top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and altcoins. This period was often referred to as the “altcoin season”. This season witnessed a very high record in cryptocurrency prices. 

When is the next crypto bull run expected?

The exact timing of the next crypto bull run remains uncertain and speculative. However, some experts speculate possible time frames to range from the summer of 2023 to the end of 2024, nonetheless, nothing’s certain. The launch of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) into the Chinese market may be a possible trigger for high market activity. Regardless, it is very important to use predictions about crypto bull runs with caution, as it is difficult to accurately predict its timing.

How to prepare for the next crypto bull market

When is the next crypto bull run?

As the crypto market keeps evolving, with investors eagerly anticipating the next crypto bull run, it is important for you to prepare and equip yourself to capitalize on possible opportunities. Here are some important aspects to consider while you prepare for the next bull run:

1. Use crypto to acquire hands-on experience

One of the most crucial steps in equipping yourself for the next crypto bull run is to acquire hands-on experience with top cryptocurrencies. Many novices make the mistake of postponing their plans to learn crypto until a bull run starts. Unfortunately, this approach primarily puts them at a major disadvantage.

To better navigate the crypto market and make solid investment decisions, you need to acquaint yourself with the basics of cryptocurrencies during a bear market. Ensure you learn about things like decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, and centralized exchanges (CEXs), and try trading cryptocurrencies.

Make sure you actively engage with crypto tokens during tough market periods, so you can build a solid foundation of proficiency and practical skills. These skills will serve you very well whenever the next bull run starts. This way, you’ll be well-equipped to steer through the intricacies of the crypto market and take advantage of probable profit opportunities during a bull market.

2. Get engaged on multiple chains

The crypto space has become widely diverse, with numerous chains that offer investors unique opportunities that extend way beyond the conventional Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. To increase your chances of success, it is important to actively engage in various chains.

Research and acquaint yourself with various blockchain platforms to understand the strengths and constraints of different chains. When you do this, you will be able to identify profitable projects and great investment opportunities.

Don’t forget that some of the most promising opportunities in the next crypto bull run may emerge on less popular blockchain chains. If you already have an idea of how any of these chains work, things will be easier for you. Usually, emerging chains offer traders faster transaction times, lower transaction fees, and other innovative features that are highly attractive. 

However, make sure you execute thorough research before you start investing in a project on new chains. Assess factors like the project’s team, market demand, technology, as well as community support. Diversifying your crypto investments across different blockchains can help mitigate risks and boost your exposure to likely growth.

Also, when you get involved in multiple chains and expand your understanding beyond the prevalent cryptocurrencies, you place yourself to take advantage of emerging opportunities. This increases your chances of making it big as a crypto investor. 

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3. Build capital with airdrops

Crypto airdrops give new investors in the crypto space an incredible opportunity to develop their assets in expectation of the next bull run. Essentially, airdrop events involve the allotment of free tokens to the holders of particular cryptocurrencies. It can also be given to participants who conduct certain tasks. By actively partaking in airdrops, people can obtain tokens at zero cost. This way, they potentially reap substantial profits whenever those crypto tokens grow in value during a bull run.

4. Learn crypto security

Security is of utmost importance in the world of cryptocurrency. The volatile, unpredictable, and decentralized nature of cryptocurrency and its markets can expose investors to great risks if they don’t take proper precautions.

5. Get a hardware wallet

When it comes to securing your crypto assets, it is vital to acquire and properly utilize a hardware wallet. Basically, a crypto hardware wallet is a physical device that is specially designed to securely hold your private keys offline, keeping it safe from potential online threats. When you use a hardware wallet, you greatly reduce the threat of unauthorized access and keep your tokens safe.

6. Find a credible Group of People to Follow

Find a credible Group of People to Follow
Find a credible Group of People to Follow

Since the crypto ecosystem is dynamic, it is important to always stay updated with the latest news, trends, and insights. If you want to be well informed, it is not enough to just watch the news. Ensure that you find a credible group of crypto influencers and leaders to follow. Basically, these people will help by providing you with useful insights, predictions, and analysis, which can help you steer the crypto market successfully. 

When determining crypto influencers to follow, look for people who have a robust track record of factual analysis and trustworthy information, instead of hopping on the next hype train. Search for people who have already established themselves as industry professionals and have shown a profound understanding of the crypto market.

Also, try joining respected crypto communities or any other forums where you can easily connect with like-minded people who share useful insights and talk about market trends. Engaging in these kinds of communities will provide you with a broader perspective and give you access to joint intelligence.

7. Build a network by partaking in the industry

In the dynamic world of crypto, it is ideal for you to build a solid network of like-minded individuals. While following credible influencers is very important, if you want to reap extra benefits, you should have a network of friends who are also going into crypto like you. Be actively partaking in the crypto industry and engaging yourself with people like you. You can watch out for each other’s backs, share new amazing ideas, and even collectively steer through the crypto bull market.

To build up your network, try joining pertinent communities and forums where crypto enthusiasts meet. Social media groups, discord channels, telegram channels and specialized forums are great places to connect with people who also share your fascination for crypto. Engage in productive discussions, ask questions, and offer good insights to these platforms. Don’t be scared to share your own opinions and different experiences. This way, you can spark valuable conversations and draw in like-minded individuals.

By actively taking part in the crypto industry, you expose yourself to various perspectives and different ideas. Engaging with other people like you allows you to stay updated about the latest projects, trends, and even market insights. Also, it provides you with an opportunity to learn new things from experienced individuals and gain insights on crypto-related topics.

So, when is the next crypto bull run? Trying to predict the future and state the exact timing of a crypto bull run is a very complex task. Nonetheless, some experts predict it to happen anytime from the summer of 2023 to the end of 2024. While crypto experts, leaders and analysts can offer their individual insights, it is important to exercise doubt and not exclusively rely on any of these predictions. The world of crypto is dynamic, volatile, and influenced by numerous factors, which makes it naturally unpredictable.

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Jul 24, 2023

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