Product Update: You can now deposit Naira in your Bitmama Wallet with bank transfer

Funding your wallet on Bitmama just got an upgrade. The Bitmama engineering team has been working hard for months to help customers fund their wallets.

It is now possible to fund your naira wallet via bank transfer and here’s how;

  1. Open your Bitmama app and Tap on Wallet (find the “wallet” menu at the bottom menu bar)
  1. Enter the amount you want fund your wallet with and proceed
  1. Transfer money into  the bank account that shows up (you can also copy it into your banking app)

Note: It is vital to add the transaction reference when making the deposit. There is a 100 Naira fee charged on every transaction. It takes up to 20 minutes for the funds to settle in your wallet.

deposit Naira in your Bitmama Wallet with bank transfer
Bitmama Crypto Wallet

Withdraw funds from your Bitmama naira wallet

To do this, simply select a  preferred bank from the list of banks you have already added on your profile, enter the amount you would like to withdraw and send the request. Your bank account will be credited with your indicated amount. There is a 200 Naira fee charged on each transaction. 

deposit Naira in your Bitmama Wallet with bank transfer
Withdraw Funds from Bitmama naira wallet

Buy, Sell and Swap Coins in The Bitmama App

We have been working hard to give you the best experience when it comes to buying, selling or swapping your crypto. The Bitmama App now makes it possible for you to perform these transactions conveniently.

deposit Naira in your Bitmama Wallet with bank transfer
Swap Coins in your Bitmama Account

In summary, with this new product release, as a user, you can now deposit Naira in your Bitmama Wallet with bank transfer. Buy, sell and swap coins in the Bitmama App.

Sign up on Bitmama today and start crypto trading with ease! It’s simple!

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Bitmama Team

Aug 4, 2021

2 mins read

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