Lock your coins over a period and earn more crypto

Let your coins make you more money while you rest. Lock your crypto and let it grow on Bitmama Earn.

Lock your coins

Bitmama Earn

How crypto staking works

Bitmama Earn allows you to make money on your crypto assets when you lock up a portion of your cryptocurrency for a set period, similar to depositing money in a bank to earn interest. 

Our crypto staking feature has received positive reviews from satisfied customers who saw a significant return on investment after staking Ethereum, BTC and USDT with a 3-month fixed plan.

Join Bitmama Earn and and see your asset grow.

Bitmama staking

Choose from a list of available coins

Maximize the potential of your crypto holdings by staking BTC, ETH, or USDT. Here are some of the coins you can stake on Bitmama and their merits

  • BTC: As the world's most renowned cryptocurrency, staking BTC provides a guaranteed return.
  • ETH: Stake ETH, the fuel behind the Ethereum network and receive higher rewards.
  • USDT: Staking USDT has less price volatility, making it a great option if you are looking for a more secure option. You do not lose when you stake USDT on Bitmama.
Bitmama staking

See all your earnings

When you're staking your crypto, it's important to be able to see your earnings. Not only does this allow you to track your progress and optimize your returns, but it also provides motivation and a sense of accomplishment. Seeing your earnings grow over time can be a thrilling and satisfying experience that keeps you engaged and committed to your staking strategy. Bitmama gives you the freedom to stay on top of your earnings and take full advantage of the benefits of crypto staking. We make sure you're able to monitor your progress every step of the way.
Bitmama staking

Redeem your earnings whenever you want to

Redemptions are swift and easy! You gain flexibility and control over your portfolio and make more returns on your assets. We also allow you to access rewards and adjust your staking strategy to stay bulletproof against dips. So if you want to take full advantage of crypto staking, Bitmama is the right platform for you.

Benefits of staking your coins on Bitmama

Greenbox use case

Earn money

It's time for you to start making money from your digital assets.

Greenbox use case


Our favourite part! You can select the coin to stake, your preferred duration, and whether you want a fixed or flexible plan - all with just a few clicks.

Greenbox use case

Manage your subscriptions

Beyond earning interest - it's easy and swift to manage your subscriptions; cancel, redeem, or rollover automatically.
It's time to stake, earn, rinse and repeat!


How to stake your coins on Bitmama


Open the Bitmama App

On your Bitmama App, click on Account (bottom right button). Select Bitmama Earn, then Staking


Navigate to Earn

Click on Earn Now & choose coin type (BTC, ETH, USDT). Select a subscription model (Fixed or Flexible)


Select a staking duration

Enter an amount to stake & the duration (7 to 365 days)


Indicate rollover

Indicate if your stake should roll over (Yes or No)


Subscribe and you’re good to go!

Click “Subscribe” and that's it. Congrats, you just completed your staking process!


Open the Bitmama App


Frequently Asked Questions

Start staking and earning on Bitmama

Don't miss out on the opportunity to ascertain the future. Sign up for Bitmama Earn today and watch your digital assets grow before your eyes. Don't let your coins sit idle any longer - put them to work and start earning!

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