Best crypto giveaway ideas in 2023

In the highly competitive world of cryptocurrency, it is important for your brand to stand out and leave a good impression on your prospects. Essentially, leaving a lasting impression on your prospects will lead to better engagement and community interaction, more followers, and more profit. A great way to pull this off is through giveaways because everyone looks forward to getting freebies. However, doing giveaways as a crypto brand is more complex than you think and must be planned and executed with effective strategies even with the best crypto giveaway ideas. 

You must know that if your giveaway gifts aren’t appropriate, you may end up losing money without getting feasible results. Bitmama GreenBox simplifies crypto giveaways, allowing you to send crypto in a box to multiple recipients at once using a simple link. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best crypto giveaway ideas and other key things to note to help you plan and execute giveaways using attractive crypto gifts that will fetch you your desired results. 

Bitmama GreenBox
Bitmama GreenBox

What are the essential elements of a great prize for a crypto giveaway?

Before you embark on any giveaway, it is important to know the essential elements your intended prizes must possess for it to give you the desired outcome. Consider these key elements of a great crypto giveaway prize:

1. Relevance to your community 

To really capture the hearts of your audience, you have to speak in a language that they understand. Dig deep into the interests and cravings of the audience in your community and offer them prizes that meet their needs and innermost desires. When people feel like a prize was specially made for them or tailored to meet their needs, their engagement and excitement will surely skyrocket.

However, a general approach will be to gift stablecoins like USDT and USDC as these can be spent anywhere and hold value pegged to the dollar. A feature like the Bitmama GreenBox makes it possible to gift crypto to 1,500+ people. 

2. Unique 

Uniqueness is another important factor that makes your prizes more endearing. Generally, when something is rare or hard to find, it becomes more desirable. Hence, offering your audience a unique gift is bound to draw more attention to the giveaway. 

3. Scarcity 

When it comes to giveaways, you can use scarcity to your advantage. It is important to offer prizes that have limited availability or quantity, as they will become hot commodities that people will be willing to fight for. When you create an aura of exclusivity around the prizes to be won in your giveaways, you kindle an uproar of excitement, which can massively increase participation and engagement.

4. Valuable

Everyone loves to have something valuable so it is important to offer a giveaway prize that is very valuable. Whether it is a monetary reward or a physical gift, ensure that you offer a prize with substantial worth. Consider how your prize can impact the lives of the members of your crypto community and also the value it portrays within the digital ecosystem. The more valuable the prize, the greater the motivation and participation to win.  

Selecting a crypto giveaway prize

Selecting a crypto giveaway prize
Selecting a crypto giveaway prize

Before you start thinking about the best prizes to give your prospects as giveaways, there are certain things you should assess. 

1. Identify your audience 

There are billions of active social media users and it is virtually impossible for everyone to be your prospect. So it is important for you to find the people who will actually appreciate what your brand has to offer. Narrow down the billions of active users to the audience that your brand targets. 

Different prizes can attract different audience demographics. 

For instance, in the crypto X (formerly Twitter) space, while some people are focused on NFT flipping, others are more concerned about gathering meme coins like Doge and Shiba Inu. On the other end, some people are primarily concerned about gathering prominent coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Recognizing your specific target audience will let you know the best crypto prize idea that will be suitable for their needs.

2. Have an explicit brand identity

It is important to know what your brand stands for so that you can organize giveaways in that respect. Your crypto giveaway items and model must align with the image your brand portrays to efficiently promote your brand and what it stands for. 

3. Have a goal for your giveaway 

Since giveaways are primarily promotional tools, you have to set clear goals before embarking on them. Outline your aim clearly and prepare Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the success of your crypto giveaway campaign. Doing this will also guide you on the items to give away.

For instance, if the crypto giveaway intends to increase your brand’s engagement on X (formerly Twitter), then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create tasks on the platform that involve hashtags, retweets, tags, and replies. Your brand’s number of followers and engagement should increase after this task. 

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Best crypto giveaway ideas in 2023

Now that we’ve discussed the things you must know before organizing a crypto giveaway, let’s dive into the real deal. Here are some of the best crypto giveaway ideas to ensure that you achieve your intended goal:

1. Monetary Prizes

Listed below are some of the monetary prizes that you can use for your crypto giveaway: 

a. Cryptocurrency (fungible) tokens

Bitmama GreenBox
Bitmama GreenBox

If you decide to start a new crypto project, one of the best ways to publicize your digital coin is by sharing the token with the populace in the form of airdrops. On the other hand, you can simply gift Stablecoins to your community using the Bitmama GreenBox feature.

b. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Similar to fungible tokens, gifting NFTs to your target audience can help you promote a new crypto project. However, unlike regular cryptocurrencies, NFTs can only be shared with a limited number of people, which can be very restrictive. Nonetheless, the shared NFTs can still help to provide your audience insight into your entire collection, particularly if they are valuable. So doing this can make many more people interested in your NFT collection. 

c. Whitelist spots

Another great crypto giveaway idea is whitelist spots. If you choose not to gift coins, you can also decide to issue whitelist spots for lower mint prices or free mints. This option is very attractive for those interested in NFTs because it offers them cheaper or free access to the NFT collection before it gets to the general public. Hence, if you target your audience well, gifting whitelist spots can be a great way to promote your NFT project. 

d. Gift cards

Gifting your audience gift cards is an excellent way to encourage them to use your service. Basically, crypto gift cards have similar functions as conventional gift cards and can be used to make online purchases. However, in this situation, if you offer your audience a crypto-fintech service or any other service, the crypto gift card can easily be used to make purchases on your platform. This will make users more aware of your product or service.   

Gift cards can also be used to encourage existing users of your platform to invite new people to the platform. For instance, you can tell your existing users to create a crypto gift card for their basic transactions and receive a 20% cashback on all gift cards used. Doing this prompts them to use your gift card feature while referring new people to your brand.

e. Coupon codes/discount offers

Just like gift cards, discount offers, and coupon codes can work well for crypto companies who want to attract more customers. Essentially, offering coupon codes and discounts can convince prospects to try the service your crypto brand has to offer. It can also encourage existing users to continue using your services. 

f. Money

There is no doubt that cash is one of the most enticing things. By offering your users monetary prizes that they can use to meet their needs, they become motivated to actively engage in your brand and invite new users. One thing that makes money one of the best crypto giveaway ideas is its flexibility. Most of your users may prefer to receive hard cash so that they can use it to buy whatever they want. 

2. Physical prizes

Here are some physical prizes that are suitable for your crypto giveaway: 

Physical prizes
Physical prizes

a. Limited edition products 

One good way to make your brand stand out is by offering prospects and existing users limited edition physical items affiliated with your crypto brand or the web3 space. For instance, you can give away unique and limited-edition clothing items that are branded with your company’s design. These kinds of prizes will thrill participants of your crypto community. 

b. Mystery boxes

It’s no news that everyone loves surprises. So you can prepare mystery boxes filled with a pleasant blend of physical items. From branded wear, wristbands, and trinkets to surprise NFTs, anything fascinating can be added to mystery boxes. The expectation of discovering what lies within the boxes will send users on an exciting journey.

3. Experiential prizes

Here are some experiential prizes that are suitable for your crypto giveaway: 

a. Free mint for an NFT

Imagine offering winners of your giveaway a golden chance to mint a unique edition of NFT for free. An offer like this is bound to generate immense excitement because it gives users a chance to be a part of an honored collector’s community. Owning a one-of-a-kind asset like this will give winners a sense of pride and strengthen their connection with the web3 ecosystem.   

b. Beta access

Visualize this – users get exclusive early access to your crypto product, which would make them the first few people in the world to test your new product. Now, imagine how excited the winners of this giveaway would be. Who wouldn’t?

It’s just like participating in an exclusive elite club where their input forms the final products. This way you reward your users and also receive valuable reviews to shape your final masterpiece. So it’s a win-win situation for you.


POAPS are special tokens that mark participation in occasions, whether virtual or physical. It is just like wearing a badge of honor to showcase your involvement in a brand. Winners of your giveaway can receive special badges to showcase their participation and include an additional layer of exclusivity to their collection.  

d. Event tickets 

One of the best crypto giveaway ideas is gifting winners tickets for events. You can give away VIP tickets to thrilling events, captivating conferences, or highly-anticipated concerts. So your winners receive VIP tickets to unforgettable experiences that will gladden their hearts. This way, they engage better with your brand seeking more rewards. Changera is easily the best event ticket hosting platform for this.

Bitmama GreenBox – the easiest way to gift crypto

Bitmama GreenBox is a feature that allows users to send cryptocurrency gifts with ease. It’s like sending a virtual gift card but with the added excitement and potential for appreciation that comes with cryptocurrencies.

Why use Bitmama GreenBox?

  1. Simplicity: Bitmama GreenBox simplifies the process of gifting cryptocurrency. Instead of navigating complex wallets and exchanges, users can send crypto gifts effortlessly with just a few clicks.
  2. Universal Appeal: Cryptocurrency gifts have universal appeal. Whether you’re sending a gift to a crypto enthusiast or introducing someone to the world of digital assets, Bitmama GreenBox is a versatile option.
  3. Instant Delivery: Your crypto gift is delivered instantly to the recipient’s Bitmama account, providing immediate access to the digital asset.
  4. Security: Bitmama places a strong emphasis on security. When you use Bitmama GreenBox, you can trust that your crypto gift will be delivered securely to the intended recipient.
Bitmama GreenBox
Bitmama GreenBox

How to Send a Bitmama GreenBox (Video Included)

Follow these step-by-step instructions to send a Bitmama GreenBox:

Step 1: Download and Log In to the Bitmama App

If you haven’t already, download the Bitmama app and log in to your account. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your Bitmama wallet to cover the amount you want to send as a gift.

Step 2: Navigate to GreenBox 

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the Bitmama GreenBox feature within the app and select “Fund” to fund your GreenBox wallet with the total crypto amount you wish to gift. Click on “Send a GreenBox” to proceed. 

Step 3: Provide key information

Fill out key information like the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send as a gift (USDT, cUSD, or USDC), amount to gift (per person), number of recipients, name of GreenBox, Criteria for users to access Greenbox and valid duration. Confirm that all information checks out.

Step 4: Send crypto gifts

Once you’re satisfied with the transaction details, confirm the Bitmama GreenBox. A link will be displayed which you can copy and share with intended recipients.

How to claim a Bitmama GreenBox

Follow the steps below to claim a shared Bitmama GreenBox: 

Step 1: Create an account

Download the Bitmama app or visit the web portal and sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Claim GreenBox before it expires

Follow the link shared and it will automatically redirect you to your app, claiming your GreenBox. You can also claim a Greenbox by logging in to your account and inputting the Greenbox code.

Step 3: Enjoy

Lastly, your wallet will be automatically credited with the amount the giver shared with you. You can then proceed to do whatever you want with your gift.

When it comes to the best crypto giveaway ideas, you must ensure that your prizes offer the members of your community four things: relevance, value, uniqueness, and scarcity. Bitmama GreenBox simplifies the process of crypto gifting, allowing you to send crypto gifts to 1,500+ people with a single link. Download the Bitmama app to get started today.



Sep 19, 2023

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