How to pay for Apple subscriptions easily with Bitmama Virtual Cards

“Card declined”. This is probably the saddest phrase you can hear at that point when you need to renew your precious ad-free music to enjoy endless streams of songs you so love. Unfortunately, it happens more often than not, especially to Apple users who are not based in the US or Europe and do not have access to the plethora of credit card payment options. “Use another payment option” is the heartbreaking instruction that follows, especially for those who do not know how to pay for Apple subscriptions due to a lack of alternatives. 

Thankfully, the Bitmama virtual card solves this problem by allowing you to create dedicated cards to pay for your Apple subscriptions. This way, you do not have to battle the headaches around FX limits and restrictions on domestic cards. 


Why do Nigerian and most domestic African cards not work on Apple music? 

Basically, Apple’s payment processor rejects most cards issued by Nigerian and many African banks. This includes local master cards. The removal of FX purchases with Naira cards made it even worse, effectively rendering all Naira cards useless for making Apple purchases. This is because the platform only accepts payment in dollars, which the naira card cannot process. 

How to pay for Apple subscriptions

Experienced the “payment declined” feedback? There are a few alternatives you can explore: 

1. Get a virtual card

Virtual cards are simply the best alternatives to bypass the domestic card restrictions while enjoying benefits. Additionally, they can be created for specific reasons and loaded with the exact sum to avoid unforeseen deductions. Bitmama virtual card is simply the best for this, allowing you to spend as much as you want on subscriptions. Simply plug it in and allow auto-renewal to do the rest.

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2. Open a domiciliary account

Basically, you can open a domiciliary or dorm account at any Nigerian bank. Then proceed to fund it and use its USD card to pay for your subscriptions. Unfortunately, dorm accounts have been known to be difficult to open as it requires so many documents and guarantors, making it not a first option for those who simply want to pay for their Apple subscriptions and carry on with their life.

3. Use iTunes/ Apple gift cards 

Easily another excellent choice, iTunes and Apple gift cards are arguably the easiest solutions regarding how to pay for Apple subscriptions. However, you need to buy the gift card from Apple or other dealers who also accepts strictly dollars, circling back to the issue of you needing a virtual card to even purchase the gift cards in the first place. Although ideal, it is not the easiest of options. 

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How to pay for Apple subscriptions using the Bitmama virtual card

How to pay for Apple subscriptions
How to pay for Apple subscriptions

Follow the steps below to pay for Apple subscriptions using the Bitmama virtual card: 

1. Start by creating a Bitmama virtual card and topping it up. Follow the steps here – How to Create a Bitmama Virtual Card

2. In your iPhone settings,1 tap on your Apple ID and select Payment & Shipping. You might be asked to sign in.

3. Tap on Add Payment Method (note that you may need to change your location via VPN for services that are not supported in your region).

4. Select your preferred payment method. Easily add, update, reorder or remove your payment methods.

5. Proceed to any Apple services and pay for their subscription directly from the card you already set up in your Apple ID.

“Payment declined” is a thing of the past with the Bitmama virtual card. You can now pay for all your Apple subscriptions including Apple Music, iTunes, pay on the App Store and more. 

Get started today by downloading the Bitmama app on Android or iOS to create your virtual dollar card.


Emmanuel Agwu

Mar 22, 2023

4 mins read

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