How to pay for Canva Pro

Canva is one of the best platforms to use when it comes to creating quick and beautiful designs for either personal or commercial use. However, to access all of its design tools without restrictions, you have to upgrade your account. Upgrading to a Canva Pro account will give you access to the best design tools that can produce high-quality results. Wondering how to pay for Canva Pro for access to even more features? Bitmama virtual card is the best choice due to its blend of accessibility, security, and ease of use. 

An overview of Canva

Canva is one of the most prominent online tools used for making graphics. The platform has robust editing tools and a user-friendly interface that makes your work as a designer easier and more efficient. It is very suitable for beginners and people who need to make graphics easily and quickly.

The Canva tool is prominent in the world of design because it has great features and offers users a lot of templates and tools. If you are new to design, then Canva may be just what you need to get going. Currently, Canva is used by 135 million people every month.

What is Canva Pro?

What is Canva Pro
What is Canva Pro

Canva Pro is the paid and upgraded version of Canva that offers users many better features and allows them to use more tools and design aids by Canva. Essentially, when you migrate to Canva Pro, you will be able to access all the amazing design tools. It gives you access to more helpful features, such as animation, unlimited storage, videos, audio, photos, and a lot more. 

Although upgrading to this better version is great, it comes at a cost, which will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

How much do I pay for Canva Pro?

Before we discuss how to pay for Canva Pro, let’s briefly see the pricing for Canva Pro. For individuals, solopreneurs, and small-scale freelance designers who want unrestricted access to premium content from Canva, to produce professional designs with ease, the pricing is N23,900 per year and N2,800 per month for one person. So you save more money when you subscribe to the yearly package. 

How can I pay for Canva Pro?

You can pay for Canva Pro, Canva Print orders, your Canva Pro, or Canva for Teams plan using a virtual card.  Bitmama virtual card is the best option to make seamless payments for Canva Pro and on other international platforms. 

How to create a Bitmama virtual card

Bitmama Virtual Card1
Bitmama Virtual Card

Follow the steps below to create a Bitmama virtual card: 

Step 1: Download, register, and log into your account on the Bitmama app, click on ”Cards” and navigate to the Cards page, a pop-up box will display showing that you need to verify your account to level (3) three to create virtual cards.

Step 2: Navigate to the verification page in your ”Account” section. Click on the verification button to submit the necessary documents for your verification up to level 3.

Step 3: Return to the home page after completing level 3 verification. Click on  “Cards” to see available Bitmama virtual cards in different colors.

Step 4: Select your preferred card with its transaction limit per month. Then, navigate to the next step to make payment for the card issuance, choose your payment wallet, and enter your 6-digit PIN to complete your payment.

Step 5: Lastly, once your payment is successful, click on ”Continue” to proceed to your cards page. That’s it! you will see your new crypto virtual card.

How to pay for Canva Pro with Bitmama virtual card

Follow the steps below the steps below to pay for Canva Pro with Bitmama virtual card:

1. Login to your Canva account and click on “Upgrade your plan”. 

2. Follow the payment prompt on the app or website, and select the card option.

3. Enter your  Bitmama virtual card details, and finish up your purchase.

4. Wait for your card to get debited to confirm that the transaction is complete. 

Remember that you have to fund your Bitmama virtual card with enough amount to complete the payment for your transaction to be successful.

What are the supported payment options on Canva?

How to pay for Canva Pro with Bitmama virtual card
How to pay for Canva Pro with Bitmama virtual card

You can pay for purchases and plans using any of the following payment options: 

  • Credit or debit card (e.g. Bitmama virtual card)
  • Canva credits
  • iDeal (The Netherlands)
  • PayPal
  • Sofort (Germany)

How can I add or change my payment method on Canva?

This section briefly highlights the steps to follow if you want to add or change your payment method on Canva:

Adding a payment method on Canva

Here’s how you can add a payment method on Canva:

1. From the homepage of the app or website, navigate to Account settings.

2. Next, open the side menu and tap on the “Billing & plans” tab.

3. Below the Payment method section, tap on the link that says “Add a payment method”.

Changing or removing your payment method

Here’s how you can add a payment method on Canva:

1. From the homepage of the app or website, navigate to Account settings.

2. Next, open the side menu and tap on the “Billing & plans” tab.

3. From the “Billing & plans” tab, tap on “Remove or Change your payment method”.

Frequently asked questions

Is Canva free?

Yes, Canva is absolutely free. Canva runs on a

“freemium” model, which implies that designers are free to use either free or paid versions. Although the free plan is available for everyone to use, it only has a few tools, resources, and restricted features. To unlock all of these features, you have to upgrade to your Canva Pro.

Can I get a lifetime free on Canva Premium?

Yes, you can get lifetime free access to Canva Pro because some specific packages give you access to that offer. Canva for Education offers teachers and students free access to Canva’s premium design resources and tools. With Canva for Education, you get free lifetime access to Canva Pro, and additional features developed specifically for both educators and students.

Can I use a fake credit card for Canva?

No, using a fake credit card to buy any paid Canva plans is impossible. So you have to make use of an original credit card that has funds before you will able to purchase plans on Canva.

Can I get a Canva Pro discount?

Canva has stopped running the Canva Pro discount program, therefore, you can only pay for the pro upgrade in full with your virtual card.

How can I pay Canva Pro with PayPal?

If you want to pay for Canva Pro using a PayPal account, follow the steps listed below:

1. Follow the payment prompt and select PayPal.

2. If you have not added your PayPal details on Canva, you’ll be redirected to a completely new tab where you’ll be instructed to log in to PayPal.

3. Complete your purchase.

How can I get Canva Pro for free in 2023

how to build a smart contract

You can get Canva Pro for free in 2023 via any of the ways listed below: 

1. Canva contests & design challenges

Canva usually rolls out different content and design offers every month. If you win any of their design contests, you can be rewarded with free access to Canva Pro. 

Also, Canva’s social media accounts often host competitions and other varieties of design challenges where people would need to post their designs and compete for different prizes. If you want to stay informed about these contests, you have to follow Canva’s accounts on social media, their channels, as well as their email newsletters. Alternatively, you can check its website for updates.

2. Canva for education

Currently, education professionals, school proprietors, teachers, and even students are eligible for the Pro version of Canva’s platform for free. Educators can easily sign up for the Canva for Education program on the platform with their school email address. Alternatively, they can upload proof of their teaching certification and employment.

3. Canva referral program

Canva also offers a special referral program that rewards its users with Canva Pro subscriptions for free. To partake in the referral program, just subscribe to it and start sharing your referral link directly with your friends. When anyone signs up on Canva using your link and upgrades to Canva Pro, you’ll get a free Canva Pro subscription.

Paying for Canva Pro is very easy and can be done with a virtual card. With just N2,800 per month and N23,900 per year, you can buy the Canva Premium plan and get unlimited access to all of Canva’s amazing features and a lot of professionally made templates. All you have to do is download the Bitmama app, create and fund your Bitmama virtual card, and provide the card details in the premium payment section on Canva. 


Emmanuel Agwu

Oct 4, 2023

7 mins read

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