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Amazon is easily one of the leading eCommerce giants in online shopping and global shipping. Despite its solid reputation, Nigerians find it difficult to purchase goods from the American giant. This is primarily due to two reasons – how to make FX payments and the headache behind shipping logistics How to shop on Amazon from Nigeria goes beyond browsing the website and finding the item you wish to purchase to actually knowing the right cards to pay for your transaction, and how to ship it down easily. 

The restriction of FX transactions on naira cars has especially left many Nigerian business owners stranded, not knowing how to purchase and ship down goods to restock their stores. On the bright side, this article discusses exactly how to shop on Amazon from Nigeria, proffering the best solution to making seamless payments and shipping down to your preferred location in the country. 

Understanding Amazon as a Company

Amazon needs no introduction, but for the sake of those who might not know, it is one of the world’s largest eCommerce-driven companies that allows you to purchase and sell items globally. Initially starting as just eCommerce, the company has expanded into other areas like web hosting, streaming, and more. 

Amazon continues to grow on a daily basis, quickly becoming one of the most trusted options for business owners living in Nigeria to purchase items in bulk, ship down, and resell for a profit. Basically, if it is available on the market for purchase, it can be found on Amazon. 

Can I buy from Amazon in Nigeria? 

Yes, you can purchase items from Amazon in Nigeria. Basically, just like everyone else, you only need to visit the website, search for what you wish to purchase, make payment and it gets shipped to your specified location. The process on how to shop on Amazon from Nigeria is as simple as it looks!

How to buy items on Amazon from Nigeria

Now, let’s walk you through the step-by-step process of how to buy items on Amazon from Nigeria. However, before we get to that, there are a couple of things you should know: 

  • Amazon has different websites for different locations around the world. for those in the U.S., for the UK, for France and for Germany. You should make use of the U.S. or U.K. websites when shopping from Nigeria.
  • The items may be displayed in Pounds or Dollars depending on the site you visit, therefore, you have to convert it yourself to the Naira equivalent to quantify the amount it will cost when purchasing from Nigeria.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s look at a step-by-step approach to how you can buy goods on Amazon: 

1. Visit and click “Hello, Sign in” at the top right corner of the website.

How to purchase and ship goods on Amazon from Nigeria
How to purchase and ship goods on Amazon from Nigeria

2. You will be required to create an account if you do not have one. Do this by clicking on the “Create your Amazon account” button. Otherwise, sign in if you already have an account. 

Create an Amazon Account
Create an Amazon Account

3. Proceed to log in using your email address or phone number and password. 

4. You can either browse for the goods you wish to purchase by manually going through the categories on the website. Or search directly for the item (see next step).

Browse Amazon Website Categories
Browse Amazon Website Categories

5. Click on the “Search” bar at the top of the website and type the name of the goods you wish to purchase. 

Search for Items on Amazon
Search for Items on Amazon

6. Choose your preferred item (consider the model, year, quality, cost and more before making a choice)

7. Proceed to review the item chosen, ensuring that it matches what you want. When done, click on “Add to Cart” or “Add to list”. 

8. Proceed to checkout when you are done filling up your cart with your preferred items. 

9. Provide your shopping address and supply other necessary information like your city, phone number, state, zip code, full name and more. 

10. The next step is to pay. This is what most Nigerians find difficult to navigate. Basically, the easiest way to navigate payments on Amazon is through the use of Bitmama virtual dollar cards (more of this in the next subheading).


11. Review the overall details of your order, crosschecking the item model, quantity, shipping details, and more. If everything checks out, click on “Place Your Order”. 

That’s it! You only need to sit back and wait for it to arrive at your destination in Nigeria. 

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How to Make Payments on Amazon from Nigeria

How to make payments on Amazon from Nigeria is arguably the most difficult aspect of placing an order on the website from Nigeria. Essentially, this is due to the difficulty caused by the FX restrictions on Naira cards by Nigerian banks. Thankfully, the perfect alternative exists in the Bitmama virtual dollar cards.

Essentially, Amazon offers five different methods to pay for items – Amazon store cards, personal checking accounts, vouchers and promotional codes, gift cards and credit or debit cards

Basically, paying for items on Amazon with any of the 4 options (Amazon store cards, personal checking accounts, vouchers and promotional codes, and gift cards) is straightforward if you have access to them. Simply provide the card information and watch the transaction go through. 

Where it becomes a bit tricky is if you wish to use credit or debit cards as the Nigerian naira cards do not work. The easiest alternative is in Bitmama virtual dollar cards and here’s how to create and use one:

How to create a Bitmama Virtual dollar card and pay for your order on Amazon

Step 1: Download, register and log into your account on the Bitmama app, click on ”Cards” and navigate to the Cards page, a pop-up box will display showing that you need to verify your account to level (3) three to create virtual cards.

Step 2: Navigate to the verification page in your ”Account” section. Click on the verification button to submit the necessary documents for your verification up to level 3.

Bitmama Verification
Bitmama Verification

Step 3: Return to the home page after completing level 3 verification. Click on get ”Cards” to see available Bitmama crypto cards in different colours.

Bitmama Virtual cards
Bitmama Virtual cards

Step 4: Select your preferred card with its transaction limit per month. Then, navigate to the next step to make payment for the card issuance, choose your payment wallet and enter your 6-digit pin to complete your payment.

Create a Bitmama virtual card
Create a Bitmama virtual card

Step 5: Once your payment is successful. Click on ”Continue” to proceed to your cards page. That’s it! you will see your new crypto virtual card.

Step 6: Proceed to supply the virtual card details and pin as your payment option on Amazon. Payment with the Bitmama card is swift and will be confirmed in no time by the vendor, who will then proceed to ship it down to your preferred location. 

Wondering how to Fund your Bitmama virtual card ? You can fund in less than one minute, watch this short video to see how:

Does Amazon have a branch in Nigeria? 

Yes, Amazon has a branch in Nigeria but unfortunately, it’s for the Amazon Web Services arm and not eCommerce. This branch exists to support startups, government agencies and other consumers. 

Paying for items on Amazon has never been easier with the Bitmama virtual dollar card. Essentially, it allows you to spend up to $20,000, more than enough to pay for whatever you wish to buy in any quantity.  This satisfies questions on how to shop on Amazon in Nigeria.

Bitmama offers the best dollar and crypto virtual cards for those looking to make online purchases without spending limits. Get started today by downloading the Bitmama app for Android or iOS.



Feb 27, 2023

7 mins read

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