Top 10 Mexico Gift Cards

Gift cards have made it easy for anyone to purchase goods and services online and offline. You can make seamless payments using either digitised or physical gift cards and can also gift them to whomever you wish. Mexico is one of the countries with a high adoption rate of gift cards, making it a norm for people to send Mexico gift cards as presents. This article will guide you on the available Mexico gift cards you can choose from, highlighting their perks and possible downsides. 

The popularity of gift cards in Mexico

Gift cards have been around for decades now and have been used since then. However, the expanding demand for online streaming services and eCommerce shopping has further stressed the need for gift cards. For most people in Mexico today, gift cards are a way to simply give out an online shopping card with a specific amount to whom they desire. 

Stores in Mexico are not left out of this as there has been a rise in the number of stores offering gift cards within and outside the country. You can read about our post on


Which gift cards are available in Mexico?

Gift cards primarily exist in two forms – open loop and closed loop – which can both be used online and offline. 

1. Open-loop gift cards

Just as the name implies, you can use this kind of gift card to make electronic payments for goods and services anywhere. Examples include debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards or credit cards. Also, these kinds of gift cards are usually reloadable.

2. Closed-loop gift cards

Closed-loop or single-purpose gift cards are the opposite of open-loop gift cards. They are usually company branded, therefore you can only use them to make payments in a single company or retailer. You can tell closed-loop gift cards apart by their design that contains the company’s logo and non-reloadable design. Also, these cards may come with expiration dates and certain limitations on purchasing power. 

Additionally, note that gift cards have a minimum and maximum loading amount. 

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Top 7 most popular Mexico gift cards

Here is a rundown of the most popular Mexico gift cards: 

1. Amazon gift cards

Although it may not look like that today, Mexico was the first country that Amazon launched the gift card service. Essentially, the company partnered with Mexican bank Grupo Financiero Banorte and MasterCard to create a rechargeable card. These cards are widely used today in Mexico for making purchases in online and offline stores. Essentially, it offered an easy way to pay for Amazon gadgets and items or send a gift to anyone. 

2. Google Play gift cards

Google Play gift cards are one the most popular global gift cards today. They are available and valid for google play accounts registered in Mexico. You can redeem these gift cards by using them in online purchases of apps, movies and in-app purchases. Also, note that they do not expire and you can gift them to recipients as you wish.


3. InComm 

InComm is a global payment technology company with a goal to transform the eCommerce experience as we know it today. The company partnered with Visa Card, MasterCard and American Express Card to launch their Vanilla Visa gift card and open-loop prepaid card in Mexico.

The Tarjeta de Regalo Vanilla is available in Mexico, offering recipients an easy way to make payments. 

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4. iTunes gift cards

iTunes stores have existed as far back as 2009 in Mexico and with time, Apple introduced gift cards to make it easy for users to purchase and enjoy music. You can purchase gift cards from Apple or third-party websites and use them for online payments for movies, sports, books and many other apple services.

5. Xbox gift cards

Xbox gift cards have become more mainstream since the early days of its launch globally. Designed by Microsoft to be versatile, recipients can use the card to purchase games, movies and apps. This makes it a suitable option for gamers. Also, you can use it to purchase consoles and controllers from Microsoft, making it an excellent gift option. 

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6. Razer Gold gift cards

This is a universal gift card that can you can use to purchase games online. Razer gold gift cards are tenable for over 2000 online games, console game cards and digital content.

7. Roblox gift cards

Roblox is an online gaming platform that offers a plethora of games from different developers. With this gift card, you can purchase games and also make in-app buys while playing. 


8. Walmart gift cards

Walmart is a name that needs no introduction as they own some of the best ultra-modern stores globally. You can purchase their gift cards online or in their stores and deliver them as a present to your preferred recipient. With Walmart gift cards, recipients can purchase items in their physical or online stores.  

9. Steam gift cards

Designed for gamers, steam gift cards are available for online game buys and in-app purchases. You can purchase them from Steam or other online retailers and gift them to anyone. The gaming community is rapidly growing in Mexico, making Steam gift cards a great appeal in the nation.

10. Playstation gift card

Similarly to Xbox, the Playstation gift card enables you to make online purchases on the Playstation library and in-game purchases too. They are suitable for gamers and an excellent option for a dedicated spending card for gaming-related activities. 

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Dec 16, 2022

5 mins read

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