Where to Spend Your Cryptocurrency in 2023

Crypto enthusiasts are hyped about the endless opportunities the world of crypto has to offer as it is considered a viable investment. Now, while it is common to sell cryptocurrency for cash, many people are not aware of the endless other ways to spend cryptocurrency. So, wondering where to spend your cryptocurrency? Let’s talk about some of the major options to consider. 

Where can I spend my cryptocurrency? 

Below, we’ve highlighted eight weird and incredible places where you can spend your cryptocurrency in no time.

1. Fund your crypto virtual card and shop limitlessly


Funding your crypto virtual card and using it online for shopping easily tops the list among the several ways to spend your cryptocurrency today. For example, you can fund the Bitmama crypto virtual card directly with USDT and use it to pay for stuff in your favorite online stores that normally don’t accept direct crypto. Thankfully, the Bitmama virtual card is limitless, allowing you to spend as much as you wish. 

2. Shop in-store without converting your crypto to fiat

Ever since PayPal decided to accept crypto, more people have become interested in cryptocurrency. Although there have been a couple of online stores that accept cryptos as a form of payment, PayPal’s acceptance has paved the way for millions of other digital stores. Also, this opportunity is not just limited to digital stores as there are a couple of physical stores that wholly accept Bitcoin and other cryptos as a form of payment.  

World-class companies like Starbucks, Microsoft, Twitch, Shopify, Home Depot, and even Etsy have all substantiated that they’re receiving cryptocurrency transactions. Again, reputable fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King have both confirmed that they’re hoping to incorporate crypto payments into their product offerings. You can spend your cryptocurrency in any of these stores. 

2. Pay freelancers for their work

Crypto can serve as a good payment method. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies to pay freelancers for their services without facing any currency or border restrictions. Whether freelancers are doing a mini job or a major project for their school or business, it is easy and seamless to just transfer cryptocurrency to their wallet without facing any issues associated with cross-border transfers.  

Since cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology, they are far easier to organize, manage, and get transmitted to pay off freelancers for the work they do. Platforms like LaborX, Gitcoin, and Ethlance already provide freelance work platforms that support payments in crypto.

3. Convert to your domestic currency at any Crypto ATM

Convert to your domestic currency at any Crypto ATM
Convert to your domestic currency at any Crypto ATM

Did you know that there are over 38,000 active cryptocurrency ATMs globally that can help you convert crypto into your domestic currency? Crypto ATMs are a direct way to access instant cash using cryptocurrency. All you have to do is to locate any crypto ATM around you, execute your transfer, and the machine dispenses your cash.

In the future, when cryptocurrency becomes much faster than fiat transactions and has fewer transaction fees, holding cryptocurrencies and converting them to local currency at any nearest ATM can be a great way of making instant payments without paying any conversion fee on a card.

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4. Become a lender by providing P2P DeFi loans

The inflexible nature of blockchain technology has made it easy to provide loans to people. Essentially, with crypto-based peer-to-peer lending, you can easily issue loans via smart contracts that can automatically collect reimbursement at the specified interest rates. Today, there are numerous decentralized finance products available, with so many firms spreading out into P2P lending platforms.

Popular lending platforms like BlockFi and SALT offer P2P lending solutions. This can be a good way for people who like to invest in crypto to put their digital tokens to work. Also, P2P lending can be a good way to earn a passive income without worrying about cryptocurrency values’ erratic movements.

5. Build yourself a website

Namecheap Accepts Bitcoin
Namecheap Accepts Bitcoin

You can also spend your cryptocurrencies on personal or business endeavors. Fortunately, Namecheap now supports cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) as a payment method, so you’re permitted to spend BTC by securely purchasing domains and creating personal websites.

6. Make donations online

Whether you decide to make a micro-donation to the writer of a good article through a WordPress plugin, donate to a charity or even tip your favorite streamer, crypto is a good way to do it. Today, there are so many web functions and different features that accept contributors’ donations both in BTC and other cryptocurrencies. As for charity organizations that accept cryptos, there are also a handful. We have Save The Children, Give Crypto, Humanity Road, and many others. 

7. Buy tickets for sporting events

Cryptocurrency marketing is rampant within the world of sports, which is to the benefit of crypto holders who also love sports. If you hold crypto and harbor a keen interest in different sporting events, you can buy a ticket to your favourite game using your crypto.

Today, many sports teams have declared that fans can now buy tickets to their events using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Mexico’s Tigres and Spain’s RCD Espanyol are two good examples of world-class teams that accept crypto payments. In March 2021, the basketball team, Dallas Mavericks also announced that they are open to accepting payments in Dogecoin through BitPay.

8. Book Your Next Holiday

Book Your Next Holiday
Book Your Next Holiday

The travel industry has also moved very fast regarding the acceptance of cryptocurrency, as a rising number of holiday services have announced their approval of Bitcoin. Hence, Bitcoin can now be used as a form of payment for many travel services.

Expedia, which is placed as one of the world’s largest and most reputable travel booking agencies, now accepts BTC for all hotel bookings. They also intend to bring up crypto payments for buying flights, too. Another reputable travel agency that accepts Bitcoin for flights is AirBaltic 

Interestingly, Virgin Galactic, the world’s foremost commercial space travel organization, also accepts and declares support for Bitcoin payments.

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How to create and fund a Bitmama virtual card for limitless spending

Bitmama virtual card
Bitmama virtual card

Follow the steps below to create and fund a Bitmama virtual card:

Step 1: Download the Bitmama app on Google Play Store or get it on Apple Store, register and log into your account, then click on ”Cards” and navigate to the Cards page, a pop-up box will display showing that you need to verify your account to level (3) three to create virtual cards.

Step 2: Navigate to the verification page in your ”Account” section. Click on the verification button to submit the necessary documents for your verification up to level 3.

Step 3: Return to the home page after completing level 3 verification. Click on get ”Cards” to see available Bitmama crypto cards in different colours.

Step 4: Select your preferred card with its transaction limit per month. Then, navigate to the next step to make payment for the card issuance, choose your payment wallet and enter your 6-digit pin to complete your payment.

Step 5: Once your payment is successful. Click on ”Continue” to proceed to your cards page. That’s it! you will see your new crypto virtual card. 

Step 6: Select “Fund” and follow the prompts till completion to fund your card.

Step 7: Proceed to supply the virtual card details and pin as your payment option on the shopping platform of your choosing. Payment with the Bitmama card is swift and will be confirmed in no time by the vendor.

With the growing number of businesses showing support and complete acceptance of cryptocurrencies, you can rest assured that you have unlimited places to spend your digital tokens. 

Beyond doubt, funding a virtual card, like the Bitmama virtual card, and using it to pay for what you wish online is the best way to spend your crypto. 

Bitmama virtual cards allow you to make online local and international payments with a single click. It is easy to set up and you can start using it right away. 

Get started today by downloading the Bitmama app.



Jul 10, 2023

7 mins read

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